Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween Punks

Hey friends! Happy Halloween! This morning we went with a bunch of missionaries and played athletic sports at the harbor right in downtown Baltimore, pretty fun! Sorry no pics tho I forgot my camera hahaha.

Cool thing that happened this week. We were trying to visit a less-active member that the branch has asked us to see and we have been trying multiple times a week. The other day after knocking several times and waiting for about 5 minutes, Elder Meyer felt prompted to check around the back of the apartment building, so away we went! We walked around and there was a young guy with his dog. I knew instantly he was the one we were looking for. We walked up to him and said are you Quinn? And he said yeah, you must be the missionaries! He was super nice and excited to see us and is a super cool guy. We set up a time to see him this week and he asked us to arrange a ride for him to get to FHE! It was a true testimony builder to me of following the promptings of the spirit. I'm glad Elder Meyer acted on the prompting he received.

We had a game night with some branch members last night at UMBC, a college in our area at the edge of Baltimore. We played a game called curses and Elder Meyer got cursed and had to be shaking the whole game hahaha i was so weak.

This week is going to be terrible because i turn 20 years old tomorrow. Wish me luck everyone, my days as a teen are ovr. I guess i have to be an adult or something.

I was given a purple potato by a crazy lady in another ward this week, she told me and elder meyer she wanted to cook us in a stew, then she gave us a purple potato. Then we ate the potatoes.

happy halloween! Go skateboarding! Eat a purple potato! Eat lots of candy but dont eat too much candy because that is not good for your health or something like that.

fall is here, ring the bell!!!

me with a purple potato this lady gave us. Perceus the potato. I ate him

lil homie

purple potato

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