Monday, October 10, 2016

Goodbye to Amishland :(

Hey everyone! So I'm being transferred this week, im sad but excited at the same time! I'm being transferred to Columbia, Maryland (which is near Baltimore) and I'm going to be in the YSA ward there! I already know my companion, his name is Elder Meyer and he is Stephanie Meyers son so prolly gonna make jokey twilight references to him all the time haha. So yeah I'm pretty stoked to go to Columbia YSA! However I am so sad to leave Lancaster County and the Ephrata ward. I love the beautiful scenery here and the wonderful Amish people. I have so many great memories here I'm really going to miss it :(.

This week we went on exchanges and i was over in the spanish branch again which is always fun because i have no idea whats going on in lessons! I try to communicate with the very little spanish I know but yeah its a good time though. This Dominican lady made us tea by boiling water with onion and cinnamon sticks and a bunch of sugar hahaha weird right but it was pretty good and me and elder scott both had colds and it helped us out so it was tiiight. we taught like 5 lessons that day like wow! That never happens with english speaking people around here hahaha only the hispanics are that down.

This week we've been putting in some extra effort to get the ward involved in missionary work by setting up family mission plans with people. Its been going great and its so exciting to see the members really starting to get psyched on getting this rolling!!! But now im being transferred...its ok though I'll apply the things i learned here in Columbia!

I'm so grateful for the time I've had to serve here in Lancaster County but I know the Lord needs me somewhere else now. I love this work and I love being a missionary!

Beautiful Lancaster County I'm going to miss

me lookin weird & chubby but i promise its just the sweater i think

Elder scott rollin his beautiful chrome dome on exchanges

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