Monday, October 24, 2016

Orange Pineapples Mow Lawns in the Winter

I bet if you read the beginning of all my emails I start them off with like the same three greetings so im not doing that this time. Life's good here in Columbia I'm still getting used to YSA work because its so different! We've mainly been focusing on having members invite their friends to activities. The branch has really been starting to trust us more, Elder Meyer said he's already seen a change in their motivation to help us since I got here which is awesome! I guess the past few months this branch has had some less-motivated missionaries but now me and Elder Meyer are mobbing so hard through this place getting members hyped to introduce us to their friends! We've had several members tell us this week they've begun talking to some friends and are going to introduce us to them very soon!

One sick thing that happened this week was one day after trying to visit people and for like 2 hours not a single person was home, we decided to call up a former investigator, C. He told us he was raking some leaves so we offered our help and he was down so we cruised over there and raked his leaves with him! Pretty sweet and he invited us over to his house for a bbq in a couple weeks and also we set up a lesson for in a couple weeks after he gets back from a vacation so that was sweet!

On that note of leaves, fall is so beautiful out here the colors are great and the temperature is nice! However im not looking forward to it getting even colder...

Thanks for all your love and support everyone always remember to read your scriptures and don't eat plastic! It's probably not very good for you, a nice banana or mango will do though. Also drive a VW. Unfortunately the car scene in Maryland isnt as good as in PA but its ok.
1. me wit some real nice leaves

2. Nice E36 convertible with Porsche brakes and a mustang 5.0 engine swap (not my first choice but still cool) with a cut out hood to show it off, spotted at Howard Community College. Elder Meyer is modeling behind it

3. Some of the ties ive made recently

4. cruising through some leaves on an old plastic board i got at salvation army for 2 dollaaa

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