Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween Punks

Hey friends! Happy Halloween! This morning we went with a bunch of missionaries and played athletic sports at the harbor right in downtown Baltimore, pretty fun! Sorry no pics tho I forgot my camera hahaha.

Cool thing that happened this week. We were trying to visit a less-active member that the branch has asked us to see and we have been trying multiple times a week. The other day after knocking several times and waiting for about 5 minutes, Elder Meyer felt prompted to check around the back of the apartment building, so away we went! We walked around and there was a young guy with his dog. I knew instantly he was the one we were looking for. We walked up to him and said are you Quinn? And he said yeah, you must be the missionaries! He was super nice and excited to see us and is a super cool guy. We set up a time to see him this week and he asked us to arrange a ride for him to get to FHE! It was a true testimony builder to me of following the promptings of the spirit. I'm glad Elder Meyer acted on the prompting he received.

We had a game night with some branch members last night at UMBC, a college in our area at the edge of Baltimore. We played a game called curses and Elder Meyer got cursed and had to be shaking the whole game hahaha i was so weak.

This week is going to be terrible because i turn 20 years old tomorrow. Wish me luck everyone, my days as a teen are ovr. I guess i have to be an adult or something.

I was given a purple potato by a crazy lady in another ward this week, she told me and elder meyer she wanted to cook us in a stew, then she gave us a purple potato. Then we ate the potatoes.

happy halloween! Go skateboarding! Eat a purple potato! Eat lots of candy but dont eat too much candy because that is not good for your health or something like that.

fall is here, ring the bell!!!

me with a purple potato this lady gave us. Perceus the potato. I ate him

lil homie

purple potato

Monday, October 24, 2016

Orange Pineapples Mow Lawns in the Winter

I bet if you read the beginning of all my emails I start them off with like the same three greetings so im not doing that this time. Life's good here in Columbia I'm still getting used to YSA work because its so different! We've mainly been focusing on having members invite their friends to activities. The branch has really been starting to trust us more, Elder Meyer said he's already seen a change in their motivation to help us since I got here which is awesome! I guess the past few months this branch has had some less-motivated missionaries but now me and Elder Meyer are mobbing so hard through this place getting members hyped to introduce us to their friends! We've had several members tell us this week they've begun talking to some friends and are going to introduce us to them very soon!

One sick thing that happened this week was one day after trying to visit people and for like 2 hours not a single person was home, we decided to call up a former investigator, C. He told us he was raking some leaves so we offered our help and he was down so we cruised over there and raked his leaves with him! Pretty sweet and he invited us over to his house for a bbq in a couple weeks and also we set up a lesson for in a couple weeks after he gets back from a vacation so that was sweet!

On that note of leaves, fall is so beautiful out here the colors are great and the temperature is nice! However im not looking forward to it getting even colder...

Thanks for all your love and support everyone always remember to read your scriptures and don't eat plastic! It's probably not very good for you, a nice banana or mango will do though. Also drive a VW. Unfortunately the car scene in Maryland isnt as good as in PA but its ok.
1. me wit some real nice leaves

2. Nice E36 convertible with Porsche brakes and a mustang 5.0 engine swap (not my first choice but still cool) with a cut out hood to show it off, spotted at Howard Community College. Elder Meyer is modeling behind it

3. Some of the ties ive made recently

4. cruising through some leaves on an old plastic board i got at salvation army for 2 dollaaa

Monday, October 17, 2016

Columbia YSA

Hey hey hey! Columbia is sweet! First of all I lied last week the YSA here is not a ward its a branch of probably like 30 or 40 people that actually come but we are gonna turn it in to a ward if we work hard enough! So me and Elder Meyer cover the whole Columbia, MD stake which goes from all the way up to the Pennsylvania border down to the Savage Mill area below us and over to the edge of Baltimore. We spend most of our time around here in Columbia, Ellicott City, and Savage Mill though. Elder Meyer is such a character we are having a such a sick time out here lurkin for all the YSAs! We are working with the members of the branch and spend time on a few college campuses and are trying to get to set up booths there, so its good stuff!

We have an awesome investigator named A that is going to be baptized on November 5th! He is so sick and just embraces everything. We went to the DC temple visitors center with him on Saturday which was super sick. Hes such a great kid and is psyched to get baptized!

Another crazy awesome thing that happened was yesterday morning we get a call and i pick up the phone and can barely understand him because of some wicked accent but he was asking to come to church and so we got a ride for him and he came! His name is Alberto and he is from Haiti, and neither of us had ever met him before. He met missionaries like a year and a half ago and called us out of the blue to come to church! It was a tru miracle yaimshayin so were gonna start teaching him this weeeeek!

Also this week me and Elder Meyer carved a pumpkin with the book of mormon on it, so tiiiight.

Columbia is sick theres not enough vdubs tho but I love it here! We are still trying to figure out this whole thing of only teaching young single adults but we're loving it!

- Elder Poulsen

Also my new address is 4790 Dorsey Hall Dr. Apt. 6 Ellicott City, MD 21042 pls send letters and dried mangos ;)

Last Pics from Ephrata:

1. last district meeting in lancaster i am wearing a children's toy story tie dont worry i didnt wear it all day

2. my best homie little anderson and a tie i gave him i made, gonna miss him and his family

3. me and my last 2 comps ( elder mink and elder madsen) and elder ressler lolol elder ressler silly face and elder mink lookin like a fool raccoon bandit buddy

First pics of Columbia:
1. first pic evr of me and Elder Meyer ignore my hair i was mobbin a hat in a sweaty car

2. us with A (to my left) and Zac (far left) the member that took us at da temple

3. s/o to the pmj foundation for hooking up me and Elder Meyer with 10,000 cuts (not really)

4. Book O' Mormon

Monday, October 10, 2016

Goodbye to Amishland :(

Hey everyone! So I'm being transferred this week, im sad but excited at the same time! I'm being transferred to Columbia, Maryland (which is near Baltimore) and I'm going to be in the YSA ward there! I already know my companion, his name is Elder Meyer and he is Stephanie Meyers son so prolly gonna make jokey twilight references to him all the time haha. So yeah I'm pretty stoked to go to Columbia YSA! However I am so sad to leave Lancaster County and the Ephrata ward. I love the beautiful scenery here and the wonderful Amish people. I have so many great memories here I'm really going to miss it :(.

This week we went on exchanges and i was over in the spanish branch again which is always fun because i have no idea whats going on in lessons! I try to communicate with the very little spanish I know but yeah its a good time though. This Dominican lady made us tea by boiling water with onion and cinnamon sticks and a bunch of sugar hahaha weird right but it was pretty good and me and elder scott both had colds and it helped us out so it was tiiight. we taught like 5 lessons that day like wow! That never happens with english speaking people around here hahaha only the hispanics are that down.

This week we've been putting in some extra effort to get the ward involved in missionary work by setting up family mission plans with people. Its been going great and its so exciting to see the members really starting to get psyched on getting this rolling!!! But now im being transferred...its ok though I'll apply the things i learned here in Columbia!

I'm so grateful for the time I've had to serve here in Lancaster County but I know the Lord needs me somewhere else now. I love this work and I love being a missionary!

Beautiful Lancaster County I'm going to miss

me lookin weird & chubby but i promise its just the sweater i think

Elder scott rollin his beautiful chrome dome on exchanges

Monday, October 3, 2016

I Made a Tie Out of a Chair

Whats good everyone I don't know what happened to this week it came and went so fast! Coolest thing that happened this week was we got a media referral named Smith and we went over to contact him and he invited us right in! Which was crazy because that never happens with referrals. He was a really nice guy from Haiti and we gave him the Bible he requested and taught him the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon, he kept saying, "I like this" and said "thats really nice I will do that!" about Moroni's promise so it was sweet! Hopefully we'll see him again this week.

I hope you all enjoyed conference weekend, I sure did! We were able to wacth the sunday morning session with the Snyders which was awesome. And Mckenzie has changed her mind about being baptized again so shes back to wanting to be baptized again haha so we are planning on November 5th for her baptism!

Also I made a tie out of a chair this week. Last week we were helping a member move furniture in her office and she was going to throw out these chairs, and they had sweet fabric, so i was like are you really gonna throw those out? And she said yeah and so i told her I was gonna make a tie out of it so i brought out some scissors, ripped open the chair and cut out the fabric, and then i made a tie out of it this week! Haha so sick im psyched on it.

Have a sweet week everyone drive a vw and eat peanut m&ms.

here is a really exciting pic of elder madsen in a neighborhood
tie i made out of a chair
car pic of the week nice 5 series wagon with some good wheels
skating Lancaster County skatepark this morning s/o to Elder Simmons for da photo