Monday, October 17, 2016

Columbia YSA

Hey hey hey! Columbia is sweet! First of all I lied last week the YSA here is not a ward its a branch of probably like 30 or 40 people that actually come but we are gonna turn it in to a ward if we work hard enough! So me and Elder Meyer cover the whole Columbia, MD stake which goes from all the way up to the Pennsylvania border down to the Savage Mill area below us and over to the edge of Baltimore. We spend most of our time around here in Columbia, Ellicott City, and Savage Mill though. Elder Meyer is such a character we are having a such a sick time out here lurkin for all the YSAs! We are working with the members of the branch and spend time on a few college campuses and are trying to get to set up booths there, so its good stuff!

We have an awesome investigator named A that is going to be baptized on November 5th! He is so sick and just embraces everything. We went to the DC temple visitors center with him on Saturday which was super sick. Hes such a great kid and is psyched to get baptized!

Another crazy awesome thing that happened was yesterday morning we get a call and i pick up the phone and can barely understand him because of some wicked accent but he was asking to come to church and so we got a ride for him and he came! His name is Alberto and he is from Haiti, and neither of us had ever met him before. He met missionaries like a year and a half ago and called us out of the blue to come to church! It was a tru miracle yaimshayin so were gonna start teaching him this weeeeek!

Also this week me and Elder Meyer carved a pumpkin with the book of mormon on it, so tiiiight.

Columbia is sick theres not enough vdubs tho but I love it here! We are still trying to figure out this whole thing of only teaching young single adults but we're loving it!

- Elder Poulsen

Also my new address is 4790 Dorsey Hall Dr. Apt. 6 Ellicott City, MD 21042 pls send letters and dried mangos ;)

Last Pics from Ephrata:

1. last district meeting in lancaster i am wearing a children's toy story tie dont worry i didnt wear it all day

2. my best homie little anderson and a tie i gave him i made, gonna miss him and his family

3. me and my last 2 comps ( elder mink and elder madsen) and elder ressler lolol elder ressler silly face and elder mink lookin like a fool raccoon bandit buddy

First pics of Columbia:
1. first pic evr of me and Elder Meyer ignore my hair i was mobbin a hat in a sweaty car

2. us with A (to my left) and Zac (far left) the member that took us at da temple

3. s/o to the pmj foundation for hooking up me and Elder Meyer with 10,000 cuts (not really)

4. Book O' Mormon

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