Monday, October 3, 2016

I Made a Tie Out of a Chair

Whats good everyone I don't know what happened to this week it came and went so fast! Coolest thing that happened this week was we got a media referral named Smith and we went over to contact him and he invited us right in! Which was crazy because that never happens with referrals. He was a really nice guy from Haiti and we gave him the Bible he requested and taught him the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon, he kept saying, "I like this" and said "thats really nice I will do that!" about Moroni's promise so it was sweet! Hopefully we'll see him again this week.

I hope you all enjoyed conference weekend, I sure did! We were able to wacth the sunday morning session with the Snyders which was awesome. And Mckenzie has changed her mind about being baptized again so shes back to wanting to be baptized again haha so we are planning on November 5th for her baptism!

Also I made a tie out of a chair this week. Last week we were helping a member move furniture in her office and she was going to throw out these chairs, and they had sweet fabric, so i was like are you really gonna throw those out? And she said yeah and so i told her I was gonna make a tie out of it so i brought out some scissors, ripped open the chair and cut out the fabric, and then i made a tie out of it this week! Haha so sick im psyched on it.

Have a sweet week everyone drive a vw and eat peanut m&ms.

here is a really exciting pic of elder madsen in a neighborhood
tie i made out of a chair
car pic of the week nice 5 series wagon with some good wheels
skating Lancaster County skatepark this morning s/o to Elder Simmons for da photo

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