Monday, November 28, 2016

Just another day in the life of a dog food salesman

Hello space cadets! This week nothing happened, again. It's been a slow few weeks but we're trying

Anthony passed the sacrament for the first time on sunday which was super great to see!

We got lucky and got offered a thanksgiving meal the day before thanksgiving so we had thanksgiving with a member of our branch, Zac Knudson and his family and then we went to the mission presidents house for dessert it was a good time.

So yeah sorry no exciting news this week that's cause nothing exciting happened. here's a couple boring pics that you can put on your fridge

Hope you all had a very merry cranberry thanksgiving, be thankful for your mommy and your daddy and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the skateboard under your feet.

me on a bridge at a lake full of people that didnt want to talk to us

super dumb pic of me and Elder Wilson skating this morning

Monday, November 21, 2016


This transfer went by quicker than something that is really quick! Just found out yesterday that me and Elder Meyer are staying together another transfer here in the CYSA so it's gonna be good!

This was a disappointing week because we had like 4 people that we were hoping to start teaching this week but they all either canceled or didn't answer the door at the time of the SCHEDULED appointment gosh dangit. Hopefully we will be able to get a hold of them this week

Last week we met a less active family through the Savage Mill Elders, the Garcias. It's a family of two, Sister Garcia, and her YSA age son Christian! They are soooo nice and awesome and have a statue of the temple on their table so we arent quite sure why they don't come to church? But anyways they are from El Salvador and they had us over for dinner and Sister Garcia labored for hours to make us the most delicious pupusas in all of the earth and we ate like a million of them i thought my stomach was gonna explode they were so good! Christian is super sick and funny and were gonna work on getting him to come to the branch!

We received a referral this week from our friend MK in the branch. It was a guy that lives in his neighborhood so we went over and he came out the door right when we were walking up and then was like are you mormons? And so we started talking to him and he wanted to argue (sort of) and it turned in to him telling us that it is a sin for us to believe that we can become like God and at this point I was basically like whoa hold up there buddy! Are you calling us sinners for what we believe? Cause we know this is true we live the teachings of Jesus Christ who was a perfect man and all this stuff so yeah this guy John was bein a punk. Then he prayed for us at the end. Nice guy, sort of.

Oh also, Anthony received the Aaron priesthood yesterday! Anthony is the best and the branch is really embracing him! Good stuff!

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Take this week to really think about what you are grateful for. Gratitude is the best attitude! Thats a rhyme. probably has been said a lot. Um yeah. Yeah! heres some cool pictures you can make in to stickers and put on your iPhone.

pupusa party with canada dry and tang ;)

new high end glasses from prada

Monday, November 14, 2016

BMW of the Week

Hey guys hello! Hi! HI! Hello! Hi! Hello! Hi!

We have no investigators and no one opens their door so as you can imagine that's tons of fun! It's okay though, we had a zone conference this week and though i was not all too thrilled to be there because of how long zone conferences are and i always get starving, President Christiansen did say something that I needed to hear. He basically said that our area is as good as our attitude. So if i have the attitude that we are going to find no new investigators...we wont. But if I have the faith to find and have a good attitude... we will! SO thats what im tryna dooooo.

This morning a bunch of missionaries got together and we played lazer tag with a potential investigator of ours that some other missionaries met. We had a great time and i actually won lazer tag which i have never done in my life it was crazy! My code name was M.C.Batcommander (shoutout to Aquabats fans and those who ordered a cadet package from Spike) And we met Brandon, the potential investigator, and he's super sick! We're gonna meet with him this week!

We went on exchanges this week and our district leader Elder Singleton came to the YSA with me it was a good time, we went street contacting at this little lake in the middle of Columbia, lake kittamaqundi and did some other stufff tried to see some people but people dont actually live in houses so thats cool.

Now for the BMW of the week! A member in our branch, MK took us out to visit people the other night and he's got a BMW and drives like a typical BMW driver (Shoutout to JPMonte and all my other BMWs out there). But we all know the superior driving machine is a VW.

This week I thought a lot about how I am able to do the things i do as a missionary because of Jesus Christ, and how important our savior is. We would be nothing if it wasn't for the atonement of Jesus Christ, it's that important! .

I hope that was the most thrilling email you've ever read, it probably wasn't but that's okay. Tune in next week it will be equally or more thrilling.

Exchanges with Elder Singleton mobbin at tha lake

Lake Kittamaqundi

me with MK and his BBBBMW and his BMW jacket hahahahhahaha

and now for a pic of my ridiculous companion

Monday, November 7, 2016

"Just quote Teddy Roosevelt for your subject" - Elder Meyer

I would like a purple toothpick right now, that would be very nice. There is no purple toothpick here though. This was a grrreat week, well mainly the past few days. Anthony was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on sunday! He was so happy at church on Sunday and his whole family came to the baptism and are so supportive it superdeeduperdee sweeeeeeet!

We got to go to Lancaster this week to help with car inspections at the lancaster zone conference, it was cool because I <3 lancaster

I had a great birthday because it wasnt about me! I was servin tha Lord so it was tiiight.

This week I became nearly convinced that people don't actually live in houses. We have tried to visit sooo many people and lights will be on inside car will be outside or whatever NOBODY ANSWERS THEIR DANG DOOR! It's alright im not bitter im just, uh frusdtrated yaimshayin. Its okayy though beeeecause...

Yesterday I was fasting that we would be able to find new investigators (especially because our 1 investigator just got baptized so now we have like 0) and a guy in the branch that just got back from his mission a couple weeks ago brought a friend to church and is gonna set up a time for us to meet with him! So we are super excited about that! We mainly just can work off of referrals in the YSA so the more the merrier! Getting super pumped ya ya ya ya

Much love every1

anthony's baptism! And Zac Knudsen whos preparing to go on a mission baptized him! So sick! Anthony is the one right next to me and zac is right next to Elder Meyer

YSA Branch bonfire the other night mobbing hard

 on someones porch on my bday out puttin in werrrk

Elder Meyer rollin & strollin deep in the cut of Columbia. Its so weird becasue its really foresty but at the same time it is super densly populated.