Monday, November 21, 2016


This transfer went by quicker than something that is really quick! Just found out yesterday that me and Elder Meyer are staying together another transfer here in the CYSA so it's gonna be good!

This was a disappointing week because we had like 4 people that we were hoping to start teaching this week but they all either canceled or didn't answer the door at the time of the SCHEDULED appointment gosh dangit. Hopefully we will be able to get a hold of them this week

Last week we met a less active family through the Savage Mill Elders, the Garcias. It's a family of two, Sister Garcia, and her YSA age son Christian! They are soooo nice and awesome and have a statue of the temple on their table so we arent quite sure why they don't come to church? But anyways they are from El Salvador and they had us over for dinner and Sister Garcia labored for hours to make us the most delicious pupusas in all of the earth and we ate like a million of them i thought my stomach was gonna explode they were so good! Christian is super sick and funny and were gonna work on getting him to come to the branch!

We received a referral this week from our friend MK in the branch. It was a guy that lives in his neighborhood so we went over and he came out the door right when we were walking up and then was like are you mormons? And so we started talking to him and he wanted to argue (sort of) and it turned in to him telling us that it is a sin for us to believe that we can become like God and at this point I was basically like whoa hold up there buddy! Are you calling us sinners for what we believe? Cause we know this is true we live the teachings of Jesus Christ who was a perfect man and all this stuff so yeah this guy John was bein a punk. Then he prayed for us at the end. Nice guy, sort of.

Oh also, Anthony received the Aaron priesthood yesterday! Anthony is the best and the branch is really embracing him! Good stuff!

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Take this week to really think about what you are grateful for. Gratitude is the best attitude! Thats a rhyme. probably has been said a lot. Um yeah. Yeah! heres some cool pictures you can make in to stickers and put on your iPhone.

pupusa party with canada dry and tang ;)

new high end glasses from prada

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