Monday, November 7, 2016

"Just quote Teddy Roosevelt for your subject" - Elder Meyer

I would like a purple toothpick right now, that would be very nice. There is no purple toothpick here though. This was a grrreat week, well mainly the past few days. Anthony was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on sunday! He was so happy at church on Sunday and his whole family came to the baptism and are so supportive it superdeeduperdee sweeeeeeet!

We got to go to Lancaster this week to help with car inspections at the lancaster zone conference, it was cool because I <3 lancaster

I had a great birthday because it wasnt about me! I was servin tha Lord so it was tiiight.

This week I became nearly convinced that people don't actually live in houses. We have tried to visit sooo many people and lights will be on inside car will be outside or whatever NOBODY ANSWERS THEIR DANG DOOR! It's alright im not bitter im just, uh frusdtrated yaimshayin. Its okayy though beeeecause...

Yesterday I was fasting that we would be able to find new investigators (especially because our 1 investigator just got baptized so now we have like 0) and a guy in the branch that just got back from his mission a couple weeks ago brought a friend to church and is gonna set up a time for us to meet with him! So we are super excited about that! We mainly just can work off of referrals in the YSA so the more the merrier! Getting super pumped ya ya ya ya

Much love every1

anthony's baptism! And Zac Knudsen whos preparing to go on a mission baptized him! So sick! Anthony is the one right next to me and zac is right next to Elder Meyer

YSA Branch bonfire the other night mobbing hard

 on someones porch on my bday out puttin in werrrk

Elder Meyer rollin & strollin deep in the cut of Columbia. Its so weird becasue its really foresty but at the same time it is super densly populated.

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