Monday, November 28, 2016

Just another day in the life of a dog food salesman

Hello space cadets! This week nothing happened, again. It's been a slow few weeks but we're trying

Anthony passed the sacrament for the first time on sunday which was super great to see!

We got lucky and got offered a thanksgiving meal the day before thanksgiving so we had thanksgiving with a member of our branch, Zac Knudson and his family and then we went to the mission presidents house for dessert it was a good time.

So yeah sorry no exciting news this week that's cause nothing exciting happened. here's a couple boring pics that you can put on your fridge

Hope you all had a very merry cranberry thanksgiving, be thankful for your mommy and your daddy and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the skateboard under your feet.

me on a bridge at a lake full of people that didnt want to talk to us

super dumb pic of me and Elder Wilson skating this morning

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