Monday, December 5, 2016

I'm a Christmas Unicorn

Dear Spike,

Hello space cadets, this week was absolutely thrilling! Nothing happened. We had 3 lessons scheduled with potential investigators and they all canceled. Every time we go to people's houses they don't answer the door. Every time we go street contacting nobody is interested in talking to us. Elder Meyer and I have been working real hard, we fasted twice this week, and still nothing's happening.

The Columbia Stake had a really cool event last night called the Messiah Sing. A bunch of performers, some members of the church and some not, performed Handel's Messiah and the audience sang along with some of the songs. Super cool!

Friday was one of the funniest days of my life. We raked leaves with the Spanish Elders, Elder Salmon and Elder Rollins, all day. We helped our friend Roberto rake and then went and raked for a lady in the Columbia 1st ward. While we were there i was with Elder Salmon raking in her front yard and she was flipping out cause he was wearing shorts and a t shirt so she grabbed him a jacket. Then we were like what if she offers him pants and we turn around and shes walking out with pants and i started to laugh then she comes over and starts putting the pants on him over his shorts i was so weak! I was laughing so hard i had tears running down my face it was so funny and i was turned the other way so that she couldnt see me laughing i felt bad but it was sooo funny. That probably didnt seem very funny but it was.

Sorry for my boring emails lately. This is life in an average American city.

a moose once bit my sister
actually i dont have a sister.

In other news I was reading Elder Uchtdorf's talk from the women's session of General Conference and he talks about how there are 2 things faith cannot do:
1: faith cannot violate another person's agency
2: faith cannot force our will upon God's
As I read that this week I realized that no matter how much faith I have that we will find people to teach, it also depends on God's will and the agency of others.

Here are some pictures for your wallpaper

me with a shovel that has dirt on it

laying in bags

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