Monday, December 12, 2016

The Best of Elder Poulsen and Elder Meyer Volume 0

Last week I complained that it was a boring week, this week I got what I asked for! This week we:

1. got in a car accident
2. got kicked out of our apartment
3. lost our phone

Now I must inform you these are not quite all as bad as they sound. We got rear ended by some lady and we were all fine (though we did get thrown into the middle of an intersection during a red light but thankfully nobody was coming and we didn't get hit again). The mission office called us (5 minutes after we found our phone) and told us we need to be out of our apartment so that a senior couple can move in to it, so we had to move apartments with a day notice, my new address is
5455 Columbia Rd #213
Columbia, MD 21044
Lastly, we lost our phone over night and found it the next day 11 miles away in the grass on the side of someone's house, all I can say is the spirit guides us in times of need.

So yeah our life kinda got turned upside down this week but not really, in other news, the greatest thing that happened this week is we finally got to set up a stand at Howard Community College (HCC)! HCC is the number 4 ranked community college in the country and has a lot of people. We have been trying to arrange this ever since I got here and finally got to do it. We worked with the branch missionaries and set up a stand complete with hot cider, donuts, and tons of materials! We mainly focused our efforts on the church's Christmas initiative #LightTheWorld. We gave out hundreds of pass along cards and talked to tons of people and got one return appointment! Which might not seem like much but is pretty exciting for us right now. One of the branch missionaries put a video of our stand up on the stake Facebook page and it got like 1000 views so were making good things happen!

Oh also, when we got rear ended it was on our way to set up our stand, so we were late to this thing we've been planning for months. supr cool

in other news we went on exchanges on tuesday and I went to Savage Mill with elder Wilson and walked around in the pouring rain for a few hours, it was good fun.

here are some pictures you can hang on your Christmas tree

Here's our stand


chopped car

best fortune I've ever gotten

super cool pic of me in our new crib new address 5455 Columbia Rd #213
Columbia, MD 21044 i repeat

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