Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas in July. Actually it's December. Christmas really is in December.

What's up space cadets, thanks for tuning in to another week of alligators on skateboards

The long night is o'er! We have found an investigator! Yes you heard me! After two months of nothing we have an investigator! Her name is Karina, we met her last week at our stand at the community college and we had our first lesson with her this week which went super well (aside from one thing I'll describe in a second)! She understood the message of the restoration and the need of a prophet. She doesn't have a whole lot of religious background, so she just soaked up everything we taught her! We are seeing her again this week.

So before I explain the one thing that didn't go so well about the lesson, I'm going to put this in to context. So we met with Karina on campus at HCC, so there was other people around. So about 5 minutes in to the lesson some punk who I'm pretty sure is part of the school staff, walked up to us and was like, "did you tell her that you believe in a different Jesus than in the Bible?" and started saying some other completely false stuff and I kinda lost it. We've spent two months working to get an investigator and I was NOT about to let this fool mess it up! Basically long story short i kinda lost my temper and told this guy that he was absolutely false and that we weren't going to let him tear down our faith and then I demanded that he leave, and he did. So aside from that it went really well, and thankfully Karina was really understanding of what happened despite my lack of self control and understood that we aren't lying to her.

In other news, we went on exchanges with our zone leaders and me and Elder Hawley were kickin it in my area. We went street contacting at a lake in the frigid cold and had a good time. We spent like two days this week volunteering at a food bank which was such a pleasure. It was so nice to help the people in need this holiday season. Also it snowed the other day, and then rained. Gross.

Friends and baby alligators, and adult foxes. Do not forget to do the elf boogie this holday season. And stay away from eating paper bags. Paper is not meant to be consumed. Also make sure to focus on Jesus Christ this week and why it is so important that he came to earth!

snow I look like a penguin not sure why



my companion is a freak

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