Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What's up big Christmas

Hello space cadets and rangers of the deep sea, I hope you all had a killer Christmas and got the red pontiac aztec you were wishing for.

This was quite the week, on tuesday we were asked to go to Gaithersburg to pick up new mission cars. So 6 missionaries, went out of the mission to pick up cars and drive them back individually by themselves. So i drove out of the mission by myself with no companion and no tiwi (for those that know tiwi the biggest bully ever). Super weird but we were asked to do it. I might have forgotten what the speed limit was due to my excitement of having no tiwi to govern my speed. Also that same day I went on an exchange with Elder Funk who is a brand new missionary. We biked around his area in the freezing cold and got a return appointment with someone by tracting. Elder Funk is a creature. He is super funky, such a riot to be around hahahha

Karina is doing super well, she soaked up the Plan of Salvation this past week and is hungry for more! She wants to come to church so hopefully we can make that happen this Sunday.

Friday we had our mission Christmas conference which was super fun and i got to see some homiez.

Christmas was super tight we spent a lot of the day with the Larkins, a family in the Clarksville branch. They fed us breakfast and we played ping pong and all sorts of stuff. shoutout to my family for being super sick and having a good skype sesh.

keep on lurkin keep on wurkin and always remember to read yur scriptures!

here are some pics you can print out on mugs and save them for your grandchildren. Probably not though because my hair looks like a garbage can

"the whole crew's here, the haters cant keep up. Now they are in fear, they're gonna get messed up" - Lost Cause me, e mink, e ressler, & e meyer

Elder Garcia shoutout to my boiz from the shepherd ward priest quorum

Street Rangers reunion

Skype city

cruissssssin into 2017

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