Monday, March 13, 2017


Welcome to the internet

Last monday night we went to visit a less active family the ward counsel asked us to visit. We were on some nothing dirt road and couldnt see house numbers but saw a garage light on and decided to go ask whoever was in it. So we round the corner and there's this guy. Probably mid 60s, huge beard, wearing a full welding suit thing, and only had one arm. His other sleeve was tied off. So he's sitting there slumped on this chair holding in his one arm a pair of needlenose pliers which he had slung over on top of a bench grinder with sparks flying everywhere. So we stood there for like 2 minutes yelling "hi" and "hello" at him until he looked up and saw us. He turned off the grinder and then with the craziest look in his eyes pointed at his ear and in slurred crazy words said"im deaf" and then i saw the half empty 24 pack of beer and then he preceded to yell at us"show me ID! Who are you! Show me ID or get out!" so we left cause drunk guy with a grinder is no good.

Thats about all i got this week. All our appointments cancelled and nobody came to church. We had to drive to a ton of meetings this week and so we used a lot of our monthly allotted miles and so we also walked a ton this week.

I spoke in church yesterday for only the second time on my mission. I think ive been lucky, or maybe not. I spoke about inviting less-actives to use their agency to bless their lives and used the story of Alma and Amulek particularly in chapter 8 and 10 of Alma in the Book of Mormon. Amulek became a super cool and killer homie to Alma and starrted living the Gospel again and recognized the blessings he recieved.

E walgamott and I got a cut out of a bunny from an Annie's chedder bunnies box and made him a tie and gave him a name tag. His name is Hagoth. Please see chapter 63 of Alma in the Book of Mormon.

here's some pix fer yer custom potato skin

1. HAGOTHInline image 1
2. me & hagothInline image 2
3. another tie i made this weekInline image 3
4. skating with Brother Shemwell from the ward and my homie Ivan! Bro Shemwell rips he's so sickInline image 4

now before you look at these last 2 pics I'd like to say these are the only 2 911s ive seen in months because people in front royal think that the only car that exists is a deisel truck so i was happy to see them but unfortunately both times circumstances prevent me from taking good pictures :(

5. Porsche 912 E with a laguna seca license plate frame! First air-cooled ive seen in months <3
Inline image 5
6. 991 911 with the new ducktail looks so good sorry you cant see it very well i know its a bad pic! SHame on the stupid lightning dang it @ownerofthecar park in the daylight next time foolie!Inline image 7

voice message mailbox is full. Goodbye!

- Elder Poulsen

Monday, March 6, 2017

sc88tr g8ng

The other day a group of scooter kids cussed us out and I got so heated. I didn't react but just imagine how hard it was for me to suppress myself from saying mean things and throwing their scooters across the street. They're just mad cause they can't skate.

We started teaching a guy named Phil this week. We knocked on his door like back in January and we went back this week and he let us in and we taught him and his wife and son! Pretty stoked to see how the gospel can help their family.

We also started to teach a lady named Leila this week. She is from France and is the neighbor of the Scoville's, a pretty sweet family in the ward (bro scoville is the master of turbocharged subarus ;)) She came to church last week and this week and after a few years of learning here and there from the Scoville's she is finally ready! She is genuinely seeking truth and asks the best questions and eats up everything we teach her! She also has a 12 year old son that wants to get baptized. They are a special little family I'm so glad we are blessed to teach them.

We got a media referral for this guy at this Catholic college in our area, so were rolled on to the campus and got a bunch of weird looks because who wouldn't look at mormon missionaries cruising through their catholic campus. We taught this guy Zachary and he argued with us and we left. Thats the short version. He just wanted a Book of Mormon for a school assignment.

Taught Daniel again this week, he was a little more receptive this time.

Blossoms came and then it snowed.

Much love and chocolate covered broccoli

- Elder Poulsen

spotted this mint condish audi 4000 right next to a VW eurovan
Inline image 2
mercedes d-slots on the eurovan?
Inline image 3
ricebox of the week. Kinda down with this crx...
Inline image 4
who chopped their beetle? i wanna see the other half
Inline image 5
elder walgamott mobbin so hard down this street
Inline image 9
here's a new tie i made this week my hair looks like wire
Inline image 6
and another tie i made this week
Inline image 7

Inline image 8

Monday, February 27, 2017

The other side of the candy coated shoelace

There's something about eating tinfoil that just starts the day off right. Also, not all beefy fritos burritos are created equal. Some taco bell workers just don't know how to make them quite right. cmon now.

We saw Randy again this week and he didn't remember anything we taught him last we taught it all again. Also we arranged a ride to pick him up for church and the ride showed up and he wasn't there :(

We also saw Daniel this week. He is Reading the Book of Mormon to analyze the text, not for spiritual nourishment and is being critical of the language used in the Book of Mormon. Cmon man. "Well this guy Nephi uses to many words. And he weaves in and out of king james language and not." It literally doesnt matter man! Get over it! Cause thats not what it's about. It's not a New York Times bestselling contender, it's the Word of God! You may be able to tell that I get so frustrated when people obsess over things like supposed "facts" and other things that straight up don't matter when it comes to Faith in Jesus Christ and repentance which as we talked about at Zone Conference this week are pretty much the two most important parts of the doctrine of Christ.

We picked up some new investigators this week. Ryan and his gf Sandy. Ryan has a nephew on a mission right now who referred him like a year ago and the elders that went over a year ago never followed we did! We taught them a few days ago and are going back this week.

My padawan Elder Walgamott became my tie padawan this week as i showed him the ways of tie crafting. We made matching ties and wore them to church. the ward was so psyched! They love us, i think. I might be a little obnoxious sometimes but 'd like to think they enjoy having us around and preaching the gospel in their 'hood.

Please read Alma 32 and experiment upon the words. Then go skateboard

- Elder Poulsen

You can put these pics on your local billboard

tie frendz

Here's some pics of Front Royal this week, not particularly themed or noted with candy canes or corns.

One of the funniest mustangs ive seen. I just cant help but laugh so hard when i see stuff like this. "team facepunch" I'm sure the owner thinks its so cool. I think it's a joke. Wow im such a jerk sometimes

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Stay outta this neighborhood"

No you're not hardcore

Yesterday I paid $19 for the worst haircut I've ever gotten this lady nearly shaved me bald like what the heck! Don't expect too many pics of me until it grows back because i look ridiculous. Never getting a haircut in virginia again. I'll cut it myself next time.

So on wednesday I went to columbia to pick up my trainee! His name is Elder Walgamott and nobody can say his name everybody struggles its so funny haha. He is one of 16 kids from Middleton, Idaho. Yup, 16. I don't think I could have asked for a better greenie, he's super fired up and he's coming along really well! I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to teach him how to share this wonderful gospel with people.

We picked up a new investigator this week, his name's Daniel. He was taught like 3 years ago and we went over and taught him. He is one of those people that needs facts to believe, but he's also very religious. So we had a really good talk with him and helped him realize that he has faith in Jesus Christ which isn't based on facts, and that he can exercise that same faith to find out whether or not the Book of Mormon is true!

So the other night we went to go knock on this door in the "sketchy" part of Front Royal according to the locals, but it hon

estly doesnt seem bad to me at all. I dont know if thats just me or what, but anyways. So we knock on this door and this guy opens it and he's like shaking. And he looks at us with this crazy look and after us telling him what we were doing he said "stay outta this neighborhood" and I was like "why" and then he started shaking more like he was gonna fall over and then he slammed the door.

Here's pics, if you put these on your fridge make sure you color in extra hair on my head

1. Elder Walgamott's first night out!

2. father and son

3. spotted the new fiat 124 spyder! too bad it was an automatic, people are ridiculous. Hopefully that didnt offend anyone

4. tried to find a cave with the luray elders yesterday. here is my feet

5. Audi A3 on some OZs. Sounds so good too.

Unless you live hardcore.
-Elder Poulsen

Monday, February 13, 2017

I"m Tr8ning

Yup you heard it here first, President Christianen called me yesterday and told me I'm training a new missionary here in Front Royal! Tranferz are Wednesday that's when I pick up my greenie. Kinda crazy haha. I'm excited, I think.

This week was super bummer-ish at first cause I was sick and my stupid voice didn't work so I couldn't talk but then on Saturday the sickest thing happened after I prayed supr hard and drank tons of water and my voice decided to work. So E Schick and I were rollin down the street and we start talking to this guy named Randy. We gave him a Book of Mormon and stuff and he asked us to come over and teach him, so we set up an appointment for next week. Then later that night we were walking down Main St in Front Royal and this guy comes running out of this restaurant at us and it was him! And he's like "I'm so glad I saw you guys! I have time right now! Will you teach me?" And so we sit down and teach him the best Restoration lesson Elder Schick and I have ever taught together, and Randy asked the best questions. And I'm thinking like, am I dreaming right now? It was wild! So stoked, he wants to come to church and be baptized and all of that good stuff that makes people the happiest!

Another cool thing happened last monday night. So we've been teaching these 4 kids that a family in the ward, the Dingesses, adopted from the Philippines because 3 of them are baptismal age and want to be baptized, but they have to wait until the adoption is final. So after the lesson they asked me if I would skateboard for them. So I went out on this tiny little slab of concrete and started shredding in my wingtips on one of their skateboards and the kids just flipped out. It was probably the first time they've actually seen someone skateboard. Also we taught them a great lesson, which is most important of course.


1. plan of salvation 4 you & your friends. Handed out a ton of these the other night we were mobbin so hard

2. 4evr teen life. missionary mirror mug

3. i made this tie out of a ladies shirt i found at a church building with a sign that said "free". it resembles a milkshake cup. When i wear it it makes me happy because i think of milkshakes. It is my milkshake tie. A member also pointed out that it looks like an early 90s suzuki. Can't argue with that. Gotta love the suzuki sidekick lolololololololol

Enjoy your banana peel, don't forget to salt it first,

- Elder Poulsen

Monday, January 23, 2017

Welcome Back to 100 Different Types of Monkeys


today is monday

it is 1:58 pm. Actually after rereading this email it is now 2:17pm.

I am wearing shoes.

All of our appointments fell through this week but we worked our butts off trying to find new people to teach. Got yelled at, got smiled at, and pet a couple cute kitties. Went to this one house to try this former investigator named "Tata" I was not about to ask for tata, that wasnt gonna happen. The lady that lived there was not tata so thank goodness I didnt ask for tata. Her name was Debbie and we got another appointment so that was cool. She had a nice kitty.

We are trying to share a message with people that will literally CHANGE THEIR LIVES but they usually don't care. Feel like a worked my butt of for no results this week. That's alright though

This is a wall and a door

This is Elder Elkins on our exchange this week

This is me with a toilet

This is me when I found an Independent trucks authorized dealer in front royal!!! Whaaat? Tiny little "skate shop" in the back of an antique store hahahah. VA rippers holding it down...kind of
SPOTTED IN VIRGINIA BEAUTIFUL SILVER FD MAZDA RX7. SOmething other than a rusted f150 thank goodness
this is Elder Schick walking through an alley
this is Front Royal. Please enjoy all details of this photo

"Virginia is for lovers" - Virginia license plate...

" "- Alma 29:5-6

With love from my bananas to your oatmeal
- Elder Poulsen

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Broken Things of Front Royal

Dear Spike,

Hello frends. Sorry I didn't write yesterday, or the day before. Sometimes libraries close & then you get real busy doing wissionary merk. Today I am writing an email, this is that email.

Elder Schick and I hit it hard this week! We did a lot of street contacting and tracting and came up on 2 new investigators. The first one's name is Anthony, we met him on the street on Friday night and had our first lesson with him the next day and probably another one later this week. Only problem is im 99% sure he was high when we taught him. Hi investigator, high investigator. The other one was a member referral from the ultimate ward missionary, Brother Selino. He called us the other night and was like"Hey elders I met this guy at the gas station today and he wants to come to church and he wants me to bring you guys over." So he did! We showed up and met Charles, a really nice guy who told us he needs Jesus. Teaching him again on Saturday. He has lived in front royal his whole life.

The snow ran away this week, thank goodness.

In other news, we saw a guy get hit by a truck the other day, like pretty bad. We pulled up to see if he was ok and when we got closer, he sprung up after laying motionless since the impact, and ran off after the car that hit him...20 minutes later tha truck rolled up with the guy it hit in the passanger seat...super bunk. Welcome to front royal.

Please enjoy this week's 4 -part photo series, "Broken Things of Front Royal"

here is "downtown front royal" hahahahhaha

here is elder schick mobbin

here is the only pic of me this week

unless you want this junky screenshot of me doin a little thing in the little pool

much love and good tidings, enjoy your january and your banana pudding

- Elder Poulsen

Monday, January 9, 2017

We Have it Made in Virginia

Hello creatures and swamp critters of the north and south and everywhere in between

On Wednesday I was picked up in a Dodge Ram and driven to Virginia. I'm still in Virginia. It's freezing cold and I'm pretty sure my toes have been frostbitten. Some people in Virginia haven't been trained on how to talk properly. This town has a target, a taco bell, a surprisingly good skatepark, and not much else. Front Royal is in the Shenandoah Valley and has some nice scenery and the closest things to mountains I've seen on the East coast.

We have some great members here in the Front Royal ward that are really willing to help us out and do missionary work. One of our ward missionaries, Brother Selino, is pretty much as close as you can get to being a full-time missionary without being one. He calls us up and is like "Elders! Come talk to my neighbor!" Or "Elders! I'm going to come pick you up to visit people that I think might be interested." And then he feeds us pineapple and hot chocolate. We've already received a couple referrals this week from members and have talked to their friends, so hopefully we can start teaching them soon. We're also working hard to find people on our own. We're out in the cold talking to people we see and visiting former investigators. Got a couple loosely set up appointments for this week.

here's pix

1&2. hidden in the Shenandoah valley, around the corner from our apartment is the greatest contribution the state of Virginia has given to Front Royal. This beautiful skatepark.

3. here is my killer companion, Elder Schick from Chandler, AZ. Him and I don't really deal with the cold well, so we get along well. Also once again ignore my hair. It hasn't been the same ever since i tried cutting it myself like 4 months ago

4. E Schick mobbin the streetz of front royal

5. a couple months ago when i was in maryland i bought this virginia pin and put it on my hat. It was funny to wear it in maryland, and now its reality. We Have It Made In Virginia

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Slappy New Year

Hello rangers of the deep sea. Transfers are this week and we got a surprising phone call on Sunday night. Elder Meyer and I are both being transferred out of the CYSA, or shotgunned or whitewashed or whatever term you wanna use. I'm being transferred to the middle of nowhere to the Front Royal ward in Virginia and will be the district leader there. My new companion, Elder Schick, just finished being trained by my good friend Elder Garcia so he's pretty fresh out. I was only in the Columbia YSA for 2 transfers and I really thought I was going to stay one more. I'm pretty upset to leave so soon but I guess the Lord needs me somewhere else.

In other news I found out this week that Dylan Reider died in October but I didn't find out until this week, missionary life. RIP Dylan, one of the hardest shredding skateboarders of the past 10 years.

So yeah starting Wednesday the 4th I'll be in Virginia. My new address is
512 W. Main St. Apt. C
Front Royal, VA 22630

Sorry this one's a downer, hopefully I can develop a better attitude this week

slappy new year, spend some time on red curbs for me

- Elder Poulsen

1. Rylan King, the ultimate YSA

2. Last district meeting here, goodbyes

3. Goodbye Columbia

bunk hair all the time ignore it