Monday, April 17, 2017

spilled my soda this morning

Zoinks! This was a busy one.

We started teaching 2 new people this week:

We went tracting the other morning on this street we had decided on right after i was feeling really upset about our lack of people that actually progress when we teach them, and the very first door we knocked a nice older lady named Betty came out and let us teach her. She moved here a few months ago after her husband died and she's looking for a church. bingo. We're gonna see her again this week.

We got a media referral for a guy named Jon that we started teach. He grew up catholic but decided the catholic church didn't make sense and started reading the book of mormon. We taught him but the problem is he currently refuses to pray because he said he doesn't currently believe in God so he doesn't see a reason to pray. So after the lesson I'm feeling all frustrated and we're like what the heck and start driving home and im thinking there's gotta be someone else on this street and we spot this guy on his porch and park the car and roll over there and he's like "come on up guys! I love the book of mormon!" His name is Kevin and he's a magician and did magic tricks for us. He really likes the church and wants us to come back and teach him. Super tight!

April and Rod still cant meet and we havent been able to contact them

i'm not sure if that was thrilling to read. Sorry nobody jumped out in a leopard suit at me this week. should be careful what i wish for

This week was so busy but I can't really remember what else happened aside from an exchange and zone conference and easter and STUFF

We went "easter caroling" with this family that really likes to sing yesterday, the Tickals. Brother Tickal had me learn 'He is Risen" on his ukulele that he doesnt know how to play. I'm not sure why people marvel so much at people playing the ukulele. I almost hate playing it because it gets undeserved compliments. "wow you can play the "Uke"! Thats so cool how'd you learn?" Maybe im just being condescending and stupid but it is literally so easy to learn and doesn't really require skill. That probably ruined whatever amount of the spirit this letter held. On the other hand it was really enjoyable to go easter caroling to some families!

This morning we hiked part of the Appalachian trail, but only like 2 or 3 miles of it. I'll attach pix in another email

Easter has been so special despite the denial we received from people this week, as well as acceptance. Jesus Christ really did rise on the third day and we can find peace through him! I know that fosho

1. exchange wit Elder Richards
Inline image 1

2. This is what the streets of front royal have done to my feet gersh dangit
Inline image 3

3. here's a thing
Inline image 5

4. super sick mk3 jetta bad pic tho
Inline image 6

nice pocket square
Inline image 8
Inline image 7
And a good day to you mr. bonkers,

- Elder Poulsen

Monday, April 10, 2017

numlock's so dumb im tryna type my library card number

"yes I'd like to cancel my appointment and not meet with you for another 2 weeks" - every1

That was our week.

Other than that we helped a lady remove wisteria vines from her yard that have been growing for over a year. If you know what those are then you know how much of a nightmare it becomes. those stupid vines twist and turn in and out of the ground and on to each other, its gnarly. It's fun tho

We spent a ton of time this week handing out pass-along cards for the Church's Easter initiative, #PrinceOfPeace on It's a really special time to share our testimony of Jesus Christ with others, so go do it! Share it (the vid) on yur social media stuff if your down.

For anyone that knows what the Appalachian trail is, part of it cruises through Front Royal and so some of the hikers have been coming through this week and they are cool to talk to.

Here's upcoming pics for ensign article titled "missionary takes pics of jettas AGAIN"

heres the tru bday pic for e walgamott's 19th

Inline image 1

And heres the wonderful MK2 GLI 16valve i spotted this week <333333 want it so bad not coveting tho
Inline image 3

ront end looks so good. knocked the door of both houses it was in front answer!!!
Inline image 4

lastly i would like to make a tribute to a great missionary, my trainer Elder Ramos who finishes his mission this week. here's a pic of us taken nearly a year ago on my pentax iqzoom. much love to elder daymos

I smiled and waved as your bus flew away

- Elder Poulsen

Monday, April 3, 2017

I'm a banana on a tractor. At least, that's what the illustrations tell me

Today my yung companion became one year older, and wiser too. Yup, he turned 19, he's less little now! Happy bday @ElderWalgamott

There was another murder in Front Royal this week on a street we walked down earlier that day, this time 2 blocks from our apartment as opposed to one block away last week.

Truly though it was a pretty good week! We found a new investigator named April. She was listed in our area book as a potential investigator but turns out she has been meeting with missionaries off and on for like 20 plus years! But there are no records of her being taught here anywhere...but anyways she is way awesome! She has been to church before and already has a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true, she just has a few things holding her back from being baptized that we are going to work through with her. She told us she doesn't think it was a coincidence that we came walking up to her on her porch and she is excited to be taught again! She really knows how much the Gospel can bless her and her kids, we just need to help her to strengthen her testimony even more so that she can be baptized and access the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

I really enjoyed general conference this weekend and there were so many messages shared I could go on and on about. One in particular (among others) that stood out to me was Elder Bednar's talk from the priesthood session. He spoke of how despite the place we serve, we are called to serve, not necessarily to a place. My mission reassignment has been something that was really hard for me and still is at times, but it's comforting to know that Heavenly Father care's about me enough to have his apostles share the words I need to hear so that I can know that my service is what matters most.

Some fool this week on the street told me the book of mormon was false and i sternly informed him how wrong he was. Someone pls pray 4 me to be more patient with punks.

- Elder Poulsen

1.seasonal yaimshayin salute. I look like a rodent so if you print this picture out feel free to draw on my face
Inline image 3

1.1970 super beetle vdub luv <3
Inline image 5
Inline image 6

3.last week a member of our ward helped us make oil viles out of wood on his lathe

Inline image 1

4.out of focus red maple wood stuff

Inline image 2

here's pics for e walgamotts bday we just took right now and me looking like a weird fish or something gross like always
Inline image 7

Inline image 8

Monday, March 27, 2017

eat plastic

Transfers are this week, me and Elder Walgamott are staying here in Front Royal another transfer together. 

Someone got murdered like 100 yards from our apartment a couple nights ago.

We started teaching this sick guy named Rod this week! He was a potential investigator in our area book we decided to go visit while in his area and he opened the door and was like "they didn't tell me you were coming!" And then explained to us that he talked to missionaries earlier that day where he works over in Fairfax (an hour east towards DC) and he thought they sent us but they didn't! We showed up and taught him and he wants to learn more! Super nice guy.

On Tuesday i went on exchanges in Luray and mowed their investigators lawn who lives like 30 yards from the mission boundary. Southern most part of the mission. So deep in the cut...On friday I went on exchanges in Woodstock and met the only person in Virginia that doesn't hate California.

Yesterday I was thinking a lot about the ability we have to CHANGE because of Jesus Christ. Simple principle I know. Just think about it more.

From my ice cream sandwich to yours,

- Elder Poulsen

heres yur new phone wallpaper

1. me mowing a lawn 30 yards from the mission boundary with a ginger-ail in hand. Taken on the luray elders' phone. Just look at this picture and my surroundings and realize how deep i am.

Inline image 1
2. a wall

Inline image 4

3. exchange in woodstock with elder robb
Inline image 3

4. lunch

Inline image 5

5. exchange in luray w elder elkins im not as chubby as i look despite the burger king crown

Inline image 2

Monday, March 20, 2017

Purple Pretzel Party

hey kids

Last monday we were at the skatepark and this kid on a bmx bike ate it sooo bad in the bowl. Like bars to the chest, flew over the bars and slammed into the transition of a quarter pipe. He rolled down the ramp and as he tried to get up I ran over to see if he was ok. After he tried to get up he keeled over on the ground and started moaning and shortly after he collapsed farther and his face hit the pavement and he started foaming and drooling from the mouth. He started shaking and like having a seizure with his face plastered on the concrete. I didn't really know what to do and my companion and the other kids at the park were on the other side and couldn't see. The only thing i could think to do was to give him a blessing, so I took his helmet off laid my hands on his head and started to give him a priesthood blessing. As soon as I said "in the name of Jesus Christ" he stopped shaking and woke up from his seizure thing.

I don't share this to say "oh look at me I did this" because it was absolutely not me. I share this to demonstrate how God truly does put us in the places we need to be to be his instruments, and in this case it happened to be one of my favorite places. It was a very humbling experience to be the vessel that God needed me to be to use the priesthood to bless the life of another one of his children. The priesthood is real and has most definitely been restored.

Now that long story is done which you may not have read due to its quantity of text, here's some other stuff thats going on in this little hick town.

On tuesday we got like 7 inches of snow or something and the whole town shut down. We shoveled snow and stuff.

Saw Daniel this week, he's softening slowly.

Leila and her son Logan and her ex husband all came to church. Leila had to leave early but always has the best questions to ask. She called us earlier in the week with questions about her book of mormon reading. We still havent been able to meet regularly though because of her crazy work schedule.

put these pix on a billboard if you want

1. snow shovlr
Inline image 1

2. rain storm from the stickleys porch thingy
Inline image 2

3. lunch

Inline image 3

4. "wanna take a pic? should i smile? please do"

Inline image 4
-Elder Poulsen

Monday, March 13, 2017


Welcome to the internet

Last monday night we went to visit a less active family the ward counsel asked us to visit. We were on some nothing dirt road and couldnt see house numbers but saw a garage light on and decided to go ask whoever was in it. So we round the corner and there's this guy. Probably mid 60s, huge beard, wearing a full welding suit thing, and only had one arm. His other sleeve was tied off. So he's sitting there slumped on this chair holding in his one arm a pair of needlenose pliers which he had slung over on top of a bench grinder with sparks flying everywhere. So we stood there for like 2 minutes yelling "hi" and "hello" at him until he looked up and saw us. He turned off the grinder and then with the craziest look in his eyes pointed at his ear and in slurred crazy words said"im deaf" and then i saw the half empty 24 pack of beer and then he preceded to yell at us"show me ID! Who are you! Show me ID or get out!" so we left cause drunk guy with a grinder is no good.

Thats about all i got this week. All our appointments cancelled and nobody came to church. We had to drive to a ton of meetings this week and so we used a lot of our monthly allotted miles and so we also walked a ton this week.

I spoke in church yesterday for only the second time on my mission. I think ive been lucky, or maybe not. I spoke about inviting less-actives to use their agency to bless their lives and used the story of Alma and Amulek particularly in chapter 8 and 10 of Alma in the Book of Mormon. Amulek became a super cool and killer homie to Alma and starrted living the Gospel again and recognized the blessings he recieved.

E walgamott and I got a cut out of a bunny from an Annie's chedder bunnies box and made him a tie and gave him a name tag. His name is Hagoth. Please see chapter 63 of Alma in the Book of Mormon.

here's some pix fer yer custom potato skin

1. HAGOTHInline image 1
2. me & hagothInline image 2
3. another tie i made this weekInline image 3
4. skating with Brother Shemwell from the ward and my homie Ivan! Bro Shemwell rips he's so sickInline image 4

now before you look at these last 2 pics I'd like to say these are the only 2 911s ive seen in months because people in front royal think that the only car that exists is a deisel truck so i was happy to see them but unfortunately both times circumstances prevent me from taking good pictures :(

5. Porsche 912 E with a laguna seca license plate frame! First air-cooled ive seen in months <3
Inline image 5
6. 991 911 with the new ducktail looks so good sorry you cant see it very well i know its a bad pic! SHame on the stupid lightning dang it @ownerofthecar park in the daylight next time foolie!Inline image 7

voice message mailbox is full. Goodbye!

- Elder Poulsen

Monday, March 6, 2017

sc88tr g8ng

The other day a group of scooter kids cussed us out and I got so heated. I didn't react but just imagine how hard it was for me to suppress myself from saying mean things and throwing their scooters across the street. They're just mad cause they can't skate.

We started teaching a guy named Phil this week. We knocked on his door like back in January and we went back this week and he let us in and we taught him and his wife and son! Pretty stoked to see how the gospel can help their family.

We also started to teach a lady named Leila this week. She is from France and is the neighbor of the Scoville's, a pretty sweet family in the ward (bro scoville is the master of turbocharged subarus ;)) She came to church last week and this week and after a few years of learning here and there from the Scoville's she is finally ready! She is genuinely seeking truth and asks the best questions and eats up everything we teach her! She also has a 12 year old son that wants to get baptized. They are a special little family I'm so glad we are blessed to teach them.

We got a media referral for this guy at this Catholic college in our area, so were rolled on to the campus and got a bunch of weird looks because who wouldn't look at mormon missionaries cruising through their catholic campus. We taught this guy Zachary and he argued with us and we left. Thats the short version. He just wanted a Book of Mormon for a school assignment.

Taught Daniel again this week, he was a little more receptive this time.

Blossoms came and then it snowed.

Much love and chocolate covered broccoli

- Elder Poulsen

spotted this mint condish audi 4000 right next to a VW eurovan
Inline image 2
mercedes d-slots on the eurovan?
Inline image 3
ricebox of the week. Kinda down with this crx...
Inline image 4
who chopped their beetle? i wanna see the other half
Inline image 5
elder walgamott mobbin so hard down this street
Inline image 9
here's a new tie i made this week my hair looks like wire
Inline image 6
and another tie i made this week
Inline image 7

Inline image 8

Monday, February 27, 2017

The other side of the candy coated shoelace

There's something about eating tinfoil that just starts the day off right. Also, not all beefy fritos burritos are created equal. Some taco bell workers just don't know how to make them quite right. cmon now.

We saw Randy again this week and he didn't remember anything we taught him last we taught it all again. Also we arranged a ride to pick him up for church and the ride showed up and he wasn't there :(

We also saw Daniel this week. He is Reading the Book of Mormon to analyze the text, not for spiritual nourishment and is being critical of the language used in the Book of Mormon. Cmon man. "Well this guy Nephi uses to many words. And he weaves in and out of king james language and not." It literally doesnt matter man! Get over it! Cause thats not what it's about. It's not a New York Times bestselling contender, it's the Word of God! You may be able to tell that I get so frustrated when people obsess over things like supposed "facts" and other things that straight up don't matter when it comes to Faith in Jesus Christ and repentance which as we talked about at Zone Conference this week are pretty much the two most important parts of the doctrine of Christ.

We picked up some new investigators this week. Ryan and his gf Sandy. Ryan has a nephew on a mission right now who referred him like a year ago and the elders that went over a year ago never followed we did! We taught them a few days ago and are going back this week.

My padawan Elder Walgamott became my tie padawan this week as i showed him the ways of tie crafting. We made matching ties and wore them to church. the ward was so psyched! They love us, i think. I might be a little obnoxious sometimes but 'd like to think they enjoy having us around and preaching the gospel in their 'hood.

Please read Alma 32 and experiment upon the words. Then go skateboard

- Elder Poulsen

You can put these pics on your local billboard

tie frendz

Here's some pics of Front Royal this week, not particularly themed or noted with candy canes or corns.

One of the funniest mustangs ive seen. I just cant help but laugh so hard when i see stuff like this. "team facepunch" I'm sure the owner thinks its so cool. I think it's a joke. Wow im such a jerk sometimes

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Stay outta this neighborhood"

No you're not hardcore

Yesterday I paid $19 for the worst haircut I've ever gotten this lady nearly shaved me bald like what the heck! Don't expect too many pics of me until it grows back because i look ridiculous. Never getting a haircut in virginia again. I'll cut it myself next time.

So on wednesday I went to columbia to pick up my trainee! His name is Elder Walgamott and nobody can say his name everybody struggles its so funny haha. He is one of 16 kids from Middleton, Idaho. Yup, 16. I don't think I could have asked for a better greenie, he's super fired up and he's coming along really well! I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to teach him how to share this wonderful gospel with people.

We picked up a new investigator this week, his name's Daniel. He was taught like 3 years ago and we went over and taught him. He is one of those people that needs facts to believe, but he's also very religious. So we had a really good talk with him and helped him realize that he has faith in Jesus Christ which isn't based on facts, and that he can exercise that same faith to find out whether or not the Book of Mormon is true!

So the other night we went to go knock on this door in the "sketchy" part of Front Royal according to the locals, but it hon

estly doesnt seem bad to me at all. I dont know if thats just me or what, but anyways. So we knock on this door and this guy opens it and he's like shaking. And he looks at us with this crazy look and after us telling him what we were doing he said "stay outta this neighborhood" and I was like "why" and then he started shaking more like he was gonna fall over and then he slammed the door.

Here's pics, if you put these on your fridge make sure you color in extra hair on my head

1. Elder Walgamott's first night out!

2. father and son

3. spotted the new fiat 124 spyder! too bad it was an automatic, people are ridiculous. Hopefully that didnt offend anyone

4. tried to find a cave with the luray elders yesterday. here is my feet

5. Audi A3 on some OZs. Sounds so good too.

Unless you live hardcore.
-Elder Poulsen