Monday, February 27, 2017

The other side of the candy coated shoelace

There's something about eating tinfoil that just starts the day off right. Also, not all beefy fritos burritos are created equal. Some taco bell workers just don't know how to make them quite right. cmon now.

We saw Randy again this week and he didn't remember anything we taught him last we taught it all again. Also we arranged a ride to pick him up for church and the ride showed up and he wasn't there :(

We also saw Daniel this week. He is Reading the Book of Mormon to analyze the text, not for spiritual nourishment and is being critical of the language used in the Book of Mormon. Cmon man. "Well this guy Nephi uses to many words. And he weaves in and out of king james language and not." It literally doesnt matter man! Get over it! Cause thats not what it's about. It's not a New York Times bestselling contender, it's the Word of God! You may be able to tell that I get so frustrated when people obsess over things like supposed "facts" and other things that straight up don't matter when it comes to Faith in Jesus Christ and repentance which as we talked about at Zone Conference this week are pretty much the two most important parts of the doctrine of Christ.

We picked up some new investigators this week. Ryan and his gf Sandy. Ryan has a nephew on a mission right now who referred him like a year ago and the elders that went over a year ago never followed we did! We taught them a few days ago and are going back this week.

My padawan Elder Walgamott became my tie padawan this week as i showed him the ways of tie crafting. We made matching ties and wore them to church. the ward was so psyched! They love us, i think. I might be a little obnoxious sometimes but 'd like to think they enjoy having us around and preaching the gospel in their 'hood.

Please read Alma 32 and experiment upon the words. Then go skateboard

- Elder Poulsen

You can put these pics on your local billboard

tie frendz

Here's some pics of Front Royal this week, not particularly themed or noted with candy canes or corns.

One of the funniest mustangs ive seen. I just cant help but laugh so hard when i see stuff like this. "team facepunch" I'm sure the owner thinks its so cool. I think it's a joke. Wow im such a jerk sometimes

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