Monday, March 6, 2017

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The other day a group of scooter kids cussed us out and I got so heated. I didn't react but just imagine how hard it was for me to suppress myself from saying mean things and throwing their scooters across the street. They're just mad cause they can't skate.

We started teaching a guy named Phil this week. We knocked on his door like back in January and we went back this week and he let us in and we taught him and his wife and son! Pretty stoked to see how the gospel can help their family.

We also started to teach a lady named Leila this week. She is from France and is the neighbor of the Scoville's, a pretty sweet family in the ward (bro scoville is the master of turbocharged subarus ;)) She came to church last week and this week and after a few years of learning here and there from the Scoville's she is finally ready! She is genuinely seeking truth and asks the best questions and eats up everything we teach her! She also has a 12 year old son that wants to get baptized. They are a special little family I'm so glad we are blessed to teach them.

We got a media referral for this guy at this Catholic college in our area, so were rolled on to the campus and got a bunch of weird looks because who wouldn't look at mormon missionaries cruising through their catholic campus. We taught this guy Zachary and he argued with us and we left. Thats the short version. He just wanted a Book of Mormon for a school assignment.

Taught Daniel again this week, he was a little more receptive this time.

Blossoms came and then it snowed.

Much love and chocolate covered broccoli

- Elder Poulsen

spotted this mint condish audi 4000 right next to a VW eurovan
Inline image 2
mercedes d-slots on the eurovan?
Inline image 3
ricebox of the week. Kinda down with this crx...
Inline image 4
who chopped their beetle? i wanna see the other half
Inline image 5
elder walgamott mobbin so hard down this street
Inline image 9
here's a new tie i made this week my hair looks like wire
Inline image 6
and another tie i made this week
Inline image 7

Inline image 8

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