Monday, February 13, 2017

I"m Tr8ning

Yup you heard it here first, President Christianen called me yesterday and told me I'm training a new missionary here in Front Royal! Tranferz are Wednesday that's when I pick up my greenie. Kinda crazy haha. I'm excited, I think.

This week was super bummer-ish at first cause I was sick and my stupid voice didn't work so I couldn't talk but then on Saturday the sickest thing happened after I prayed supr hard and drank tons of water and my voice decided to work. So E Schick and I were rollin down the street and we start talking to this guy named Randy. We gave him a Book of Mormon and stuff and he asked us to come over and teach him, so we set up an appointment for next week. Then later that night we were walking down Main St in Front Royal and this guy comes running out of this restaurant at us and it was him! And he's like "I'm so glad I saw you guys! I have time right now! Will you teach me?" And so we sit down and teach him the best Restoration lesson Elder Schick and I have ever taught together, and Randy asked the best questions. And I'm thinking like, am I dreaming right now? It was wild! So stoked, he wants to come to church and be baptized and all of that good stuff that makes people the happiest!

Another cool thing happened last monday night. So we've been teaching these 4 kids that a family in the ward, the Dingesses, adopted from the Philippines because 3 of them are baptismal age and want to be baptized, but they have to wait until the adoption is final. So after the lesson they asked me if I would skateboard for them. So I went out on this tiny little slab of concrete and started shredding in my wingtips on one of their skateboards and the kids just flipped out. It was probably the first time they've actually seen someone skateboard. Also we taught them a great lesson, which is most important of course.


1. plan of salvation 4 you & your friends. Handed out a ton of these the other night we were mobbin so hard

2. 4evr teen life. missionary mirror mug

3. i made this tie out of a ladies shirt i found at a church building with a sign that said "free". it resembles a milkshake cup. When i wear it it makes me happy because i think of milkshakes. It is my milkshake tie. A member also pointed out that it looks like an early 90s suzuki. Can't argue with that. Gotta love the suzuki sidekick lolololololololol

Enjoy your banana peel, don't forget to salt it first,

- Elder Poulsen

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