Monday, January 23, 2017

Welcome Back to 100 Different Types of Monkeys


today is monday

it is 1:58 pm. Actually after rereading this email it is now 2:17pm.

I am wearing shoes.

All of our appointments fell through this week but we worked our butts off trying to find new people to teach. Got yelled at, got smiled at, and pet a couple cute kitties. Went to this one house to try this former investigator named "Tata" I was not about to ask for tata, that wasnt gonna happen. The lady that lived there was not tata so thank goodness I didnt ask for tata. Her name was Debbie and we got another appointment so that was cool. She had a nice kitty.

We are trying to share a message with people that will literally CHANGE THEIR LIVES but they usually don't care. Feel like a worked my butt of for no results this week. That's alright though

This is a wall and a door

This is Elder Elkins on our exchange this week

This is me with a toilet

This is me when I found an Independent trucks authorized dealer in front royal!!! Whaaat? Tiny little "skate shop" in the back of an antique store hahahah. VA rippers holding it down...kind of
SPOTTED IN VIRGINIA BEAUTIFUL SILVER FD MAZDA RX7. SOmething other than a rusted f150 thank goodness
this is Elder Schick walking through an alley
this is Front Royal. Please enjoy all details of this photo

"Virginia is for lovers" - Virginia license plate...

" "- Alma 29:5-6

With love from my bananas to your oatmeal
- Elder Poulsen

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