Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Broken Things of Front Royal

Dear Spike,

Hello frends. Sorry I didn't write yesterday, or the day before. Sometimes libraries close & then you get real busy doing wissionary merk. Today I am writing an email, this is that email.

Elder Schick and I hit it hard this week! We did a lot of street contacting and tracting and came up on 2 new investigators. The first one's name is Anthony, we met him on the street on Friday night and had our first lesson with him the next day and probably another one later this week. Only problem is im 99% sure he was high when we taught him. Hi investigator, high investigator. The other one was a member referral from the ultimate ward missionary, Brother Selino. He called us the other night and was like"Hey elders I met this guy at the gas station today and he wants to come to church and he wants me to bring you guys over." So he did! We showed up and met Charles, a really nice guy who told us he needs Jesus. Teaching him again on Saturday. He has lived in front royal his whole life.

The snow ran away this week, thank goodness.

In other news, we saw a guy get hit by a truck the other day, like pretty bad. We pulled up to see if he was ok and when we got closer, he sprung up after laying motionless since the impact, and ran off after the car that hit him...20 minutes later tha truck rolled up with the guy it hit in the passanger seat...super bunk. Welcome to front royal.

Please enjoy this week's 4 -part photo series, "Broken Things of Front Royal"

here is "downtown front royal" hahahahhaha

here is elder schick mobbin

here is the only pic of me this week

unless you want this junky screenshot of me doin a little thing in the little pool

much love and good tidings, enjoy your january and your banana pudding

- Elder Poulsen

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