Monday, January 9, 2017

We Have it Made in Virginia

Hello creatures and swamp critters of the north and south and everywhere in between

On Wednesday I was picked up in a Dodge Ram and driven to Virginia. I'm still in Virginia. It's freezing cold and I'm pretty sure my toes have been frostbitten. Some people in Virginia haven't been trained on how to talk properly. This town has a target, a taco bell, a surprisingly good skatepark, and not much else. Front Royal is in the Shenandoah Valley and has some nice scenery and the closest things to mountains I've seen on the East coast.

We have some great members here in the Front Royal ward that are really willing to help us out and do missionary work. One of our ward missionaries, Brother Selino, is pretty much as close as you can get to being a full-time missionary without being one. He calls us up and is like "Elders! Come talk to my neighbor!" Or "Elders! I'm going to come pick you up to visit people that I think might be interested." And then he feeds us pineapple and hot chocolate. We've already received a couple referrals this week from members and have talked to their friends, so hopefully we can start teaching them soon. We're also working hard to find people on our own. We're out in the cold talking to people we see and visiting former investigators. Got a couple loosely set up appointments for this week.

here's pix

1&2. hidden in the Shenandoah valley, around the corner from our apartment is the greatest contribution the state of Virginia has given to Front Royal. This beautiful skatepark.

3. here is my killer companion, Elder Schick from Chandler, AZ. Him and I don't really deal with the cold well, so we get along well. Also once again ignore my hair. It hasn't been the same ever since i tried cutting it myself like 4 months ago

4. E Schick mobbin the streetz of front royal

5. a couple months ago when i was in maryland i bought this virginia pin and put it on my hat. It was funny to wear it in maryland, and now its reality. We Have It Made In Virginia

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