Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Stay outta this neighborhood"

No you're not hardcore

Yesterday I paid $19 for the worst haircut I've ever gotten this lady nearly shaved me bald like what the heck! Don't expect too many pics of me until it grows back because i look ridiculous. Never getting a haircut in virginia again. I'll cut it myself next time.

So on wednesday I went to columbia to pick up my trainee! His name is Elder Walgamott and nobody can say his name everybody struggles its so funny haha. He is one of 16 kids from Middleton, Idaho. Yup, 16. I don't think I could have asked for a better greenie, he's super fired up and he's coming along really well! I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to teach him how to share this wonderful gospel with people.

We picked up a new investigator this week, his name's Daniel. He was taught like 3 years ago and we went over and taught him. He is one of those people that needs facts to believe, but he's also very religious. So we had a really good talk with him and helped him realize that he has faith in Jesus Christ which isn't based on facts, and that he can exercise that same faith to find out whether or not the Book of Mormon is true!

So the other night we went to go knock on this door in the "sketchy" part of Front Royal according to the locals, but it hon

estly doesnt seem bad to me at all. I dont know if thats just me or what, but anyways. So we knock on this door and this guy opens it and he's like shaking. And he looks at us with this crazy look and after us telling him what we were doing he said "stay outta this neighborhood" and I was like "why" and then he started shaking more like he was gonna fall over and then he slammed the door.

Here's pics, if you put these on your fridge make sure you color in extra hair on my head

1. Elder Walgamott's first night out!

2. father and son

3. spotted the new fiat 124 spyder! too bad it was an automatic, people are ridiculous. Hopefully that didnt offend anyone

4. tried to find a cave with the luray elders yesterday. here is my feet

5. Audi A3 on some OZs. Sounds so good too.

Unless you live hardcore.
-Elder Poulsen

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