Monday, November 14, 2016

BMW of the Week

Hey guys hello! Hi! HI! Hello! Hi! Hello! Hi!

We have no investigators and no one opens their door so as you can imagine that's tons of fun! It's okay though, we had a zone conference this week and though i was not all too thrilled to be there because of how long zone conferences are and i always get starving, President Christiansen did say something that I needed to hear. He basically said that our area is as good as our attitude. So if i have the attitude that we are going to find no new investigators...we wont. But if I have the faith to find and have a good attitude... we will! SO thats what im tryna dooooo.

This morning a bunch of missionaries got together and we played lazer tag with a potential investigator of ours that some other missionaries met. We had a great time and i actually won lazer tag which i have never done in my life it was crazy! My code name was M.C.Batcommander (shoutout to Aquabats fans and those who ordered a cadet package from Spike) And we met Brandon, the potential investigator, and he's super sick! We're gonna meet with him this week!

We went on exchanges this week and our district leader Elder Singleton came to the YSA with me it was a good time, we went street contacting at this little lake in the middle of Columbia, lake kittamaqundi and did some other stufff tried to see some people but people dont actually live in houses so thats cool.

Now for the BMW of the week! A member in our branch, MK took us out to visit people the other night and he's got a BMW and drives like a typical BMW driver (Shoutout to JPMonte and all my other BMWs out there). But we all know the superior driving machine is a VW.

This week I thought a lot about how I am able to do the things i do as a missionary because of Jesus Christ, and how important our savior is. We would be nothing if it wasn't for the atonement of Jesus Christ, it's that important! .

I hope that was the most thrilling email you've ever read, it probably wasn't but that's okay. Tune in next week it will be equally or more thrilling.

Exchanges with Elder Singleton mobbin at tha lake

Lake Kittamaqundi

me with MK and his BBBBMW and his BMW jacket hahahahhahaha

and now for a pic of my ridiculous companion

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