Monday, August 29, 2016

The End of the Street Rangers :(

Helloooo everyone first things first transfers are on wednesday and Elder Mink is getting transferred :( but guess what! SISCKEST THING EVER RIGHT NOW Elder Mink is being Transferred to the Lancaster ward so we're still in the same district and wards meet in the same building so we'll still see each other all the time its insane! So sick haha and my new companion is Elder Madsen and i dont know anything about him just like i dont know anything about most people in this mission i got thrown into.

So first big development of the week is we saw Mac annnnnd he told us his mom baptized him when he was we had a very interesting lesson on priesthood authority doing our best to not offend him and not do what elder Murray does in "The District" for those of you who know what im talking about (lololol). We invited him to pray about authority to know if we truly have the priesthood authority of God through the line of Joseph Smith

Awesome thing that happened this week! Last week Bishop Bowe gave us a call and told us that there was a part member family moving in to the ward boundaries and so we called them up and saw them twice this week! They are the Snyders. Brother Snyder was baptized 14 years ago but hasnt been to church in a long time, and his wife, Patricia, and daughter, Mackenzie, aren't members. They have had A LOT of misfortunes and hardships in the past year, the main one being that their 3 month old son died in December. So they've really started to turn to the gospel at this tough time. We taught them twice this week and in two days Patricia read in the Book of Mormon all the way to 1 Nephi 18 and she wants to be baptized! So exciting!!! And Mackenzie has also expressed interest in being baptized and they all came to church yesterday so were real excited! We are already seeing the gospel bring a greater light into their lives.

We made a tie for Banjo Jimmie this week and went and saw him and his band play a few songs at this Amish tourist place and he was wearing it, so sick!

So its been a good week, the Pilsners had us over for dinner yesterday and had a Pokemon party for Elder Mink's birthday, we are teaching the Snyders, everythings sweet! I'm so excited to continue to see the Snyders accept the gospel and to see the light it brings in to their lives.

Thanks for da support everyone much love

- Elder Poulsen

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