Monday, August 15, 2016


Hey everyone so first things first Mac did not get baptized on saturday :(. We showed up on Tuesday for his baptismal interview and he was nowhere to be found, and me and Elder Mink forgot our phone at the apartment that day so we couldnt call him...learned our lesson there. So after waiting for him for an hour with the member who took us and the spanish branch elders so Elder Scott could do the interview, and eventually just went home and we called Mac right when we got home. Wer talked to him for a half hour and what happened was a ton of stuff came down on him this week, he has been really stressed over caring for his ill grandmother, and he started to have haunting memories from his accident come back (he was hit by a drunk driver going 55 mph and he was not in a car, he was walking and he survived) and all sorts of stuff and it is so clearly the works of Satan because he doesnt want Mac to be baptized and to be happy! Such a bummer :( We saw him saturday night though and he is doing better. He still wants to be baptized, but said he wants to have a clear mind so it can be the great experience that he wants it to be.

We saw our friend Banjo Jimmie again this week and this fool shreds the Banjo! So sick and he had 2 guitars so we were jamming playing folk songs with him cause me & elder mink both play (except Elder Mink actually shreds and I suck) and it was way fun! Such a great guy who needs friends.

Oh man last monday elder mink bought those rubber dress shoe coverings at the thrift store and wore them over flip flops all day on tuesday so good! nobody noticed it was way raw.

Kind of a slow week i guess because i cant think of much else that happened. We went on a little hike this morning with the Lancaster elders which was sweet.

s/o to all of you guys for being super raw keep being awesome and dont forget to always drive a vdub. The gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives!

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