Monday, August 22, 2016

We Moved

Hello everyone biggest development of the week is we moved from New Holland to Ephrata to be closer to a lot of our work. There's a lot more people in Ephrata to meet and talk to. Unfortunately we had to say bye to our neighbor Jim but we will visit him when we can.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges and I stayed in our area with our district leader, Elder Scott. All of our lessons cancelled so we went street contacting around the Ephrata library and met some nice people. Also went home teaching with Brother Wilson at the Parsons and turns out sister Parsons is from Fresno! So sick!

We saw our friend Banjo Jimmie this week and had a great time playing guitar and eating sandwiches. Hes so sick! We also met some people at the skatepark and handed out some pass-along cards and skated a bit. We taught this Pentecostal guy and it got a bit argumentative and then he beat me in a game of skate which was humiliating he did all these switch & nollie tricks, so lame when people do that crap haha. We ended on a good note though, he was a nice guy.

Our investigator kristy dropped us this week which was a bummer. Everything has been really slow lately. Mac has not been making our appointments a priority anymore. We didnt see him at all this week so that has been really upsetting. Sometimes I feel like we are literally getting nothing done but its ok, just gonna keep on working.

Oh one last thing forgot to share last week, so last week the young men asked me and elder Mink to teach them how to make ties for their mutual activity so we did and the past two weeks some of the young men have been wearing them to church! so sweet haha their parents were hyped and these two kids already bought fabric to make more!

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