Monday, August 8, 2016

LMS4TBH @eldermink

greetings erryone hello so hello so this week we have made extra effort to talk to the Amish. Last monday we went to an Amish produce roadside stand and started talking to this nice lady. Elder Mink brought out a dollar to buy a 75 cent whoopie pie and then she was like oh you can both have one. And then we talked about how were missionaries and she was like are you walking? And we said yeah and then she gave us homemade Amish Root beer and lemonade for free! So sick and we gave her a pass along car and she was such a nice Amish lady! Her name was Rachel. So we wanted to return the favor, so a few days later we made some horchata (bc me and elder mink both love horchata and have made it a couple times) and brought it to her as a thanks and we met her husband and talked to them for a while! Such great Amish people! Before we thought all Amish people were really reserved and didnt want to talk to us but as we put in more effort they have talked to us more and they are the nicest people! Were hoping to continue to develop a relationship with Rachel and her Husband Aaron. We also taught an ex-Amish guy the restoration this week! So sweet his names Giddeon and his wife was a potential investigator. They used to be Amish and bailed on it and now they are non-denominational Christian.

We went to the DC temple on Wednesday which was sweet and i was able to see Elder Garcia (Ryan) s/o to the Shepherd Ward Priest Quorem! But no picture because we saw each other inside the temple and couldnt take a pic. It was a great day and an awesome temple experience!

Mac continues to be super killer yesterday in fast and testimony meeting he went up and bore his testimony! So sweet cant wait for his baptism on saturday! He is so excited and the ward is welcoming him really well! I love that guy he is so great. Everything we teach him hes like "i already believe that" "ive been doing that my whole life" its so perfect like wow and he understands everything so well!

We had dinner with a part member family, the Parkers this week and Brother Parker who is not a member was there which is rare because he works a lot as a truck driver. Hes such a sweet guy tho me and him started talking and really hit it off we were talking about skating and cars and he was in fresno last week for work so thats cool so yeah hes a super sick dude! Me and Elder Mink really feel that there is something special we can do for that family.

Some little things that happened this week that made my day on tuesday:
1. I saw a black MK3 Jetta on Porsche Turbo Twist wheels! SO sick flippin dream jetta right there! Exactly how i want mine! I used to scour the internet for pics of mk3s on turbo twists but nobody had done it but this guy did!
2. we saw some people kickin it in a parking lot playing pokemon go so we talked to them about pokemon and this one kid had a skateboard and i was doing tre flips and kickflips on it and these fools were so hyped haha. they were like nah dude you cant skate in a tie & i was like nah fool lets skate and then gave them pass along cards

So much sweet stuff happening! I love this area and I love being a missionary!

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