Monday, May 30, 2016

Hot Rain

Hey everyone! Happy Memorial Day. Pretty good week this week, quite busy! Spent a lot of time trying to contact former and potential investigators as well as less active members and did a lot of biking!  And it was a hot week with some gross rain so that was exciting hahaha.

Last Monday most of our zone got together at a park in Harrisburg to barbecue (but they call a barbecue a "cookout" here in PA for some reason) and play soccer and then it started pouring we played anyways! It was fun but dirty ahaha.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders, I was here in our area with Elder Renteria, who's from Bogata, Columbia! He's an awesome missionary and a really cool guy, and he loves his home country of Columbia! We spent the morning trying to contact some less active members with no luck at the edge of the our area, so lots of biking but no success which was lame but it's ok! Later we were at the West Shore senior center and met a lady named Sharon who we helped take some boxes out to her car. She had just moved here to New Cumberland from York and is looking for a church to go to! She excitedly accepted a Book of Mormon and gave us her contact info to set up a lesson. She also wants to come to church! So that was sweet, we're hopefully seeing her this week. 

Later we were walking and I spotted a pretty sick VW outside of this school and started scopin it out. It was a B6 Passat lowered on some Rotiform wheels (I'll include a pic). The guy soon came out and was flattered at my interest in his VDub. We talked about vdubs for a while and we gave him a Book of Mormon and talked about the role it plays in our lives. He was pretty psyched on it! I told him if he ever needs help working on the whip to let us know! That's a real good service opportunity right there

On Friday we did a lot of finding again and rode through lots of hills and got real tired haha and we found a super sick lookout point from Lemoyne looking over the river and Harrisburg! I'll include a pic of that, way better view than the view in the pic I sent last week. We were able to contact one former investigator named Carol who was glad to see us and said she has been reading the Book of Mormon periodically. She has been looking into different religions, so we really tried to help her see how Christ-centered our message is and how it can help her. While we were teaching her on her porch it started DUMPING rain and so we road like 2 miles home in 80 degrees but dumping rain it was so gross hahaha we got all wet and nasty and after it stopped raining it was ridiculously humid.

Saturday was like 88 degrees and decently humid so it was pretty
gross, thankfully in the morning we were able to have a member of the ward take us out and contacted a former investigator, Jamee who wants to start meeting with the missionaries again! But the rest of the day we were walking and on bikes getting real gross and nobody wanted to talk to us. On the bright side we did find a secret trail that went under the freeway and along the creek, so that was kind of cool.

Funny story! Saturday we were riding home and were riding by a
restaurant and a guy opened the door right when I was riding by and I slammed the door! Hahahah it was so funny and I totally ate it. I was fine but the guy was like totally tripping out cause it scared the crap out of him cause he was on the opposite side of the door and didn't see me coming and he was concerned that I was injured. I felt bad that I scared him, the door was just in a really crappy spot. Poor guy, oh well I apologized for frightening him and off we went.

N is out of town for a few weeks, but Sunday night we were able to
have a lesson with her over Skype! It was super awesome to be able to do that. Having iPads as missionaries really does help the work
progress, as long as we use them wisely.

So yeah this week was a lot of finding again. We are really trying to
find more people to teach and to strengthen relationships with ward
members right now. It's really disappointing because most people don't want to talk to us, like they ignore our knocks on the door when we know they are home, or they walk the other way on the street, things like that. It's frustrating but we are trying

Love you all have a good week!

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