Monday, May 2, 2016

Locked Out!

Hey everyone! This week was pretty sick. Ups and downs. On Tuesday we had a lesson set up with a media referral that we set up last week and we were really excited about because usually media referrals are crap but they've been double checking them and this one was real! So we set up an appointment but when we went she was at the doctor and we weren't able to set up another apt so that was a bummer. But we're going to go back this next week and see if she's home.

We dropped our investigator D this week, she has not been making
any changes, is not keeping any commitments and has not progressed at all in 3 months. Also, M dropped us this week which was really sad. We tried stopping by his house on Tuesday and we were down the street from his house when he backed out and drove off! And we were just like you have got to be kidding me. It was a huge bummer. So we texted him a couple days later basically straight up asking him where he stands with the LDS church and he said he's removing himself from the LDS situation for now. It was just so sad because the gospel was having such a positive impact on his life. It was frustrating and really disappointing.

So pretty much we have no investigators to teach right now and we've been trying to do lots of finding and have lots of plans for this week. We have, however been doing lots of less active work! We've been able to visit some less actives that we haven't been able to see even since Elder Ramos has been here, so like 6 months.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Camp Hill elders. Elder Wilson (mr. cowboy roper) was in Lewisberry with me and it was a pretty good day. We helped a family move, taught a less active lesson, and contacted a bunch of people around town in New Cumberland, including a couple Muslim guys who we gave a Book of Mormon and they were hyped on it!

So Saturday night we got home and I realized I didn't have the keys
and I was like dang it you've got to be kidding me so we called the
member, Kareem, who just gave us a ride and he came back. We spent an hour looking around his truck, the street, the parking lot and making calls trying to find them with no luck. We also debated climbing up through our window we left open but there was no way to get up there. So at this point it's like 10:30 and we knelt down and said a prayer and we both felt like we needed to go check McDonald's because we had stopped there on our way home so that Kareem could get something, so we had Kareem take us back to McDonald's and we couldn't find them anywhere. We had no idea what to do, and Kareem was talking to one of his friends who had just gotten off work there. Then Elder Ramos jokingly asked Kareem's friend if she knew how to pick a lock and she
was like yeah I can do that no problem, and we were like you wanna pick our lock? Hahaha so she followed us home and she pulled out a credit card and had our door open in 30 seconds and left! And then the keys were on the hook inside because i had forgotten them. So there's a long story short! Hahaha the spirit led us to McDonald's to meet Kareem's friend so that she could break in to our apartment for us. Not your average pray and find the keys story. This was a pray and find person to break in for you story. Prayer works! It was an exhausting night haha. So there's the week!

Helping a family move with Elder Wilson

Squished in Brother Fike's brother's tiny truck, going to a lesson

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