Monday, May 23, 2016

Eye Gawt Syck

Hey everyone, this was an interesting week. It rained most of the week so it was very wet, and I also got very sick.

Nothing too crazy this week and not much excitement. On Wednesday night I woke up 3 times in the middle of the night throwing up my guts out and then I slept all day Thursday because I felt like there was an army of little people inside me beating up my stomach and making me miserable, so that was fun. The worst part is that I missed zone training which I was really upset about. President Johnson was there and apparently did a great training and afterwords the zone went and played soccer on city island in Harrisburg. It was a huge bummer me and Elder. Cuthbert weren't able to make it.

On Tuesday we were walking down the street and said hi to an elderly lady putting something in the mailbox. She replied "hello elders!" We took a few more steps and then me and Elder Cuthbert stopped, looked at each other, and were like what did she say? Because she wouldn't have called us elders unless she had investigated the church or was a member or something. So we turned around and started talking to her.  Turns out she used to be a member of the church and she invited us to her home but specified she didn't want to talk doctrine. We took her up on her offer and went over there with Brother Harlacher on Friday.

She was happy to see us and is a very nice lady. We talked with her
about her history with the church and why she stopped going, and
Brother Harlacher shared his testimony about how the church has
changed his life. But we didn't talk doctrine! Haha it was awesome
though. She is super into genealogy and Mormon history. She has some books on it, including one made up of her great great grandmother's journals, who was a midwife as the saints were crossing the plains!  Some cool stuff. So we had an awesome visit with her and are going back to help her in her garden in a couple weeks. Her name is Sister Tornblom.

So there's probably the most exciting story of the week! The week was being miserably sick, people cancelling appointments, and meeting a couple less actives. Have a good week everyone!

- Elder Poulsen

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