Monday, March 28, 2016


Hey everyone! Happy late Easter! He is Risen! If you haven't already watch #Hallelujah on follow, it gets better every time and I've seen it a million times and shared it with lots of people anywhere from on the street to in Neato Burrito (a very neat burrito place) we just whip out the iPads and show a bunch of people the video yaimshayin it's sick. This week was sweet. 

Thursday was a specifically awesome day. We went to an Easter celebration at the West Shore senior center we do service at. We put together an Easter program complete with songs and speaking parts and did it for the seniors and they all loved it and we're very appreciative. Our whole district came and it was way cool. That night we went on splits with the young men's President and one of the priests named Mitchell. I went with Mitchell and our main lesson we had scheduled cancelled right before so I was like great. But thankfully it was a really nice evening and there was lots of people out, so we walked around talking to people while trying
some potential investigators. While walking we found three teenage
boys and started talking to them and shared the #Hallelujah video with them and talked to them about it. They all really liked it and we gave them pass along cards to share it with their families. Then we asked them if we could talk to them more sometime and they were like yeah you want our numbers? And we were like uhhh yeah! Haha so that was cool and a lot of times teenagers are punks (I would know) but they were really nice and genuine. Two of them were twins and the third was their friend. We texted one of the twins the next day to try to set something up but he was busy so hopefully this next week! So that was sweet that we found them. 

Saturday was another particularly awesome day, we helped a guy move and then it was the sisters' investigator Sharon's baptism! It was awesome and M.S. came! With his girlfriend who is getting more interested. It was so perfect that he came because after the baptism Sharon bore her testimony and talked about how she got her answer to know she should be baptized. She said that God basically told her, you know this is what you want, so what are you waiting for! Which was perfect for M to hear because he still wants to be baptized in October and we've been working with him to pray about it so he will want to be baptized sooner because blessings for him! So that was great. He went to church today, but not in our ward, he went to the Millersburg branch with his dad who is a member up there. 

Today was a great Easter service. We sang a sweet song in the ward choir. After church we were in the relief society room with the sisters, Sharon, her daughter Bridget who is a member and has hydrosyphelous (I dunno how to spell that) and a member of the ward, sister Leichty. We were about to leave and all of a sudden Bridget started having a seizure (which happens every once in a while because of her condition but I had never seen it happen) and so me and Elder Ramos gave her a blessing while she was having a seizure it was crazy! The second we finished the blessing she stopped shaking and started to be semi-responsive. It was a crazy,
scary, but cool experience. I'm grateful we were in the right place at
the right time to serve her. Have a great week everyone! Love you all

- Elder Poulsen

After singing at the Senior Center

 Me and my boi M.S. with his Book of Mormon study guide and "Mormonism for Dummies" book  haha

 Helped this homie move!  He was a member's neighbor.
Sharon's baptism!

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