Monday, March 14, 2016

Mint Condish

What's up everyone! Beautiful weather last week! Sunny and 60s. Raining today though. This week was difficult but another good week. We had some good lessons but a bunch of people cancelled on us and Satan is real! That fool is thwarting everything we do but we're not gonna let him win he's gonna get CHOPPED! 

Monday we didn't take a p-day because we thought we were going to the temple with a member for the first time on Saturday but long story short we ended up not being able to so we didn't take a p-day for no reason but it was whatever so anyways Monday morning we helped a member in Camp Hill do some work on his house with the Camp Hill Elders. Then we went and did a bit of service and teaching at the senior center here in New Cumberland and then planned the rest of the day. On Tuesday we did some more service at the senior center mopping floors and helping them make peanut butter chocolate eggs they sell as a fundraiser, it's a big thing around here. While there we got to have lessons with L and D as well. D is having difficulties with that this is Christ's restored
church on the earth and that it's the one true church. We've talked
about that other churches have some truth, just not all. We were able to have another lesson with L that night and talked to her more about the restoration and praying to know if she should be baptized. She just keeps on saying "I'm jus gon keep on prayin". 

That night we went to visit the less active member that told me "no" very bluntly about reading the Book of Mormon a couple weeks ago, brother D from the Dominican Republic, and ended up teaching his wife instead! He refused to talk to us but she was glad to see us (she's also a member). We asked her if she was happy with her life and she said no and we talked about her life compared to when she was going to church and reading her scriptures and she was like yeah it was way better and so we invited her to read and come to church but she didn't make it which was a bummer but we're going back this week. 

So that was a sweet lesson and then we saw a sweet Porsche 356 speedster in "mint condish" on the way home. Wednesday we had some more sweet lessons with D and L and M brought his girlfriend and his two daughters to Book of Mormon class! It was sweet. M.S. is the MAN! Thursday morning we had a lesson in Wormleysburg which is pretty deep to walk to so we normally get a ride out there but we couldn't find one so we rode bikes! Haha we have some crappy bikes at our apartment and we were like welp, this looks like our only option. It was weird to us which is weird because it's normal for so many missionaries. It was fun though I enjoyed it. It was a fun ride along the Susquehanna. 

That night we had dinner with the less active that I talked about last week, brother K, who told us he needed to go to church, and he made us some corn chicken soup Pennsylvania Dutch style in a giant cast iron cauldron with a paddle to stir it! He farmed the potatoes and corn in it himself. It was sweet. Friday was zone conference in Harrisburg! It was sweet. 

On Saturday morning M.S. picked us up and took us out to breakfast at a place called the Squeaky Rail in Enola. He took us out to a good breakfast and then we taught him a lesson there in the restaurant. He's been showing more commitment and is planning to take next Sunday off to go to church. He said that ever since he was a kid he thought that Sunday should be a family and church day, but that his work schedule doesn't allow it but he wants to work towards keeping the sabbath day holy. He keeps emphasizing to us that he does want to be baptized and become a member of the church, but he is still leaning towards October. We invited him to pray about it, but he said prayer is a weak point for him. So we're going to teach him about prayer and seeking revelation next time. 

Later that day we had a brief lesson with L and helped her throw some computers and a table off of her balcony. That was fun. They were trash I guess. She said throw them down and we shrugged and said okay! So there's some of what we did this week!

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