Monday, March 21, 2016


Hello everyone! This week was good. On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Camp Hill Elders and I was here in Lewisberry with Elder Ashton. I was a little worried because it was my first time leading out the area and I've only been here a month and a half! It went well though some lessons fell through but I was able to find other people to visit & stuff. It was a good day. This week we realized our investigator D is not keeping ANY commitments and keeps asking us the same questions even though we answer them every time (which is 2-3 times a week) and so we realized that she's not getting her questions answered and not finding time to come to church because she's not reading and praying. So this week we're going to sit down with her and explain that if she wants to continue to meet with us she needs to do the things we are asking her to do otherwise she can't learn and progress. And she keeps saying she wants to learn but she's not doing anything about it! So that's frustrating. 

Linda is still "gon keep on prayin" so we're continuing to work with her. We had a sweet lesson with M this week and he came to church! Him, his girlfriend, one of his kids, and all three of her kids all came to church it was sweet! They left after the second hour. Me and Elder Ramos taught Gospel Principles and didn't get to prepare so that was cool. We also found some new people to teach this week and gave away some Book of Mormons. Since the weather is nicer there is always people around and so we are working on talking to everyone we see and trying to have gospel conversations. 

One really cool experience we had this week was when some of the sisters' investigators wanted blessings for comfort and counsel. They asked me and Elder Ramos to do it, so we borrowed the sisters' car (which was weird for 3 reasons: 1. I hadn't driven in
a month and a half 2. I was driving in Pennsylvania 3. It was an auto Corolla #jdm yaimshayin) and we went and gave this couple blessings! I gave the husband a blessing and Elder Ramos gave the wife a blessing.  They were both extremely appreciative and thankful. The husband said he felt "light" and better than he had felt in months and the wife said she felt very relieved and calm. It was so cool to be able to use the priesthood to serve others and see its effect. I'm thankful to be able serve others as a representative of Jesus Christ.

- Elder Poulsen
1. Elder Ashton between some burnt houses in Lemoyne on exchanges

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