Monday, February 22, 2016

PA Ramble

What's good everyone! This week had its ups and downs. Our investigator, L , was supposed to come to a baptism on Friday cause we invited her and she was like "y'all do baptism?!" And we were like yuuuup and she didn't come and we weren't able to make contact with her until Saturday night and she said she wasn't able to go to church and we sort of feel like she is backing away from us which is frustrating.
M wants to push his baptism back to October instead of
March because his brother is getting baptized in October because he is getting married in October and is waiting instead of his girlfriend just moving out because they are living together which is lame! But that's his brother not him. But anyways we are like, M, we want you to be able to experience the blessings of baptism sooner than October and also you could have the chance to baptize your brother and he's still leaning towards October but we told him to pray about it.

It's just frustrating because if he really really wanted to be
baptized and understood it he wouldn't want to wait 8 months and give all that time for Satan to work on him! So we are just going to keep teaching him and help him understand that this isn't A church, this is THE church and we want him to really want this and to not want to wait. He is still awesome though, he said he talks to people at work about the Book of Mormon, and offers us rides & stuff and brings us food. He acts like a member almost! He picked us up for his own lesson the other day, it was great. So we're trying to work with him a couple times a week. 

Another one of our investigators, D, who is the director at the senior center we do service at, is getting closer to coming to church. We teach her several times a week and she is quite
good at understanding what we teach. She has just had some bad
experiences with the Catholic Church and is afraid to come to church so we're going to introduce her to some members of the ward by doing lessons with her in their homes. 

Oh then there's N! She was excommunicated like 30 years ago but is coming back now and dumped out her coffee and is so awesome when we teach her and she can't wait to be rebaptized. 
So teaching here in Pennsylvania can be very difficult. Pennsylvanians talk A LOT. It's called the PA ramble. They
just talk and talk and talk and you have to squeeze your words in
somewhere. On Saturday it was 60 degrees and sunny! It was awesome. We walked around no jackets with our sleeves rolled up and there was some sweet VWs out driving around. 

We are teaching this lady that has 3 pit bulls 2 cats and 3 snakes and they all get along! She lets the snakes slither around sometimes and they don't bother each other! It's crazy.  The cats will like try to play with the snakes tails and they don't care it's the craziest thing ever its super cool. The pit bulls are scary, mainly one of them. Everyone here has pit bulls. If you have a dog here, you have a pit bull. 

Our ward mission leader continues to be awesome. His name is Brother Fike. He works as a mail truck driver from like 2:00 am to 9:00 am to support his wife and 16 month old son, goes to school, and feeds us multiple times a week and gives us rides.  He is giving and awesome. For example yesterday him and his wife fed us breakfast AND dinner. 

All of the members here are so awesome to the missionaries. They treat us like royalty they love us. Well there's as
much as I can remember from this week.

- Elder Poulsen

Dumping out the coffee!

One of our investigators has some sweet snakes!

Bishop told us to visit these inactives....we knocked but nobody answered

Spent the night at the Camp Hill Elder's apartment last night because we are doing p-day over here. Ipad mirror pic

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