Thursday, February 4, 2016

First Email from the M.T.C.! (or a B.M.W.)

There's a BMW E30 touring (wagon) in the parking lot here. Very cool and rare. Anyways. The MTC is sick but it's hard. I'm learning many things and already learning to love people that are different from me. My companion, Elder Selfridge, is from Billings, Montana! I'm pretty sure you called it Dad. We get along just fine even though we are different and come from very different places. The Lord is blessing me to deal with different people and look for the good in them. I'm really glad me and Elder Selfridge are companions, the Lord knew I needed it. I'm also learning how to teach people with love and not just teach them a lesson. Teach people, not lessons! Seth said when he was in the MTC his brain was exploding and mine is too and I get really exhausted and discouraged sometimes but it's all good. SO we leave here really early on Monday morning, the 8th! I should be able to call at the airport not sure when, and if not my Mission president said we can use his cell phone when we get to Pittsburgh. Oh also I got an MRI this morning and I hope my knee is not chopped because then they will send me home to surgery but I told them I'll stay and go to Pittsburgh on crutches if I have to. I want to BMW my way over to BMW so I can BMW some BMWs! Even though I'm not very good at BMWing yet, and I'll probably have to eat some gross BMWs.
Love you all!

- Elder Poulsen

Here's me bmwing some bmws and me and elder selfridge at da temple yaimshayin

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