Monday, April 18, 2016

BMW of New Cumberland

Yoooo another week in PA! This week was sweet and bummish but every
week is a combination of both so nothing new I guess. Last Monday we
went to Gettysburg for pday and that was cool to see the battlefields
and stuff. We went on exchanges with Camp Hill this week and I was in
Camp Hill with Elder Hinckley. We did some yard work for an elderly
less active man for a while and spent the rest of the day trying
potential investigators with no luck. On Thursday we had interviews
with President Johnson in Harrisburg and him and Sister Johnson taught
our district meeting which was pretty sweet. We learned a lot about
helping people make and keep commitments. Thursday evening we had a
lesson planned with a less active part member family which we were
really excited about but then our plans got chopped which was a huge
bummer. So here's what happened, on Tuesday we were out with Brother
Darnell and I was looking over a list of less actives the bishop gave
us and this name popped out to me and I was like let's go to the
Frakers! And I put the address in the gps and away we went. We knocked
on the door and asked if it was the Frakers and the lady was like yeah
but we're just heading out but you can come back Thursday at 7:30 and
my husband will be home and we were like alright sweet! We were way
stoked because we've visited most of the names on the list bishop gave
us and that was the only amount of success we had, and I knew at that
point that the spirit made that name pop out to me for a reason. So
back to Thursday night. We walk over there all excited and we get
there and there's a note on the door that said "To the gentlemen who
stopped by Tuesday with the Mormon Church. At this time we do not wish
to sit down with you guys. Please respect our wishes" and we were
heartbroken. I'll include a picture of the sign. The spirit can lead
you to people but they still have their agency! Dangit Satan, I hate
that guy. So instead of that we just walked around New Cumberland
talking to people, got cussed at a couple times, gave out a few Book
of Mormons but nobody was really interested. One of the people we
talked to was a guy I've been wanting to talk to for a while but
didn't know who he was. So there's this house two blocks from our
apartment that has a 4 foot mini ramp and their backyard and everytime
we walk by it I'm like I wanna see someone skating it! So that night
we were walking and there was a guy skating it! So we went over and
started talking to him and he let me skate his ramp for a few minutes!
It was sick and he was psyched because I was wearing a tie & stuff
yaimshayin haha. Then we talked to him about the church and he
accepted a Book of Mormon but he wasn't interested in meeting with us
which was a bummer. I bore testimony to him that one of the only
things that makes me happier than skateboarding is the Book of Mormon
and the Gospel of Jesus Christ because is brings lasting happiness. On
Saturday we helped a family in the ward restore their garage from fire
damage. We were there all day and cleared out the garage, took down
shelves, put up drywall, and painted it. It was pretty fun but I got
paint splatter all over me including my watch and name tag. It looks
kinda cool but is a bummer. It was like raining paint so they are
little specks. So there's some stuff that happened this week. Keep
being awesome! Satan is a loser! Love you all!

- Elder Poulsen

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