Monday, April 11, 2016

I Passed Out! Hahahah

What's good everyone, so disappointment of the week is: we have not been able to contact M for a week now and we are getting really concerned. We think that his dad is putting him in a position where it's either his family or the church and he's just really upset. We've had several people reach out to him but no responses. 

Exciting thing is we were over chopping wood (because Pennsylvania) for the sister's recent convert Sharon, and her grandson, who we've been trying to start teaching because he is more comfortable with us than the sisters, came outside and just started talking to us! He was like going inside and coming back out putting on different shoes and stuff, showing them to us. It was kind of cool because it showed he looks to us for approval & stuff and he's getting more comfortable with us.  He's like 14 or 15 and he's pretty funny. So we were able to have a lesson with him after talking for a while and then the next day a family in our ward had him and his mom B who the sisters are teaching, Sharon's daughter, over for dinner and we had a way awesome lesson with them and the Liechty family! It sounds like B at least really wants C involved in the youth program, and she herself wants to make it to church. And brother Liechty was super awesome in testifying to C what the young men's program does for young men in preparing them for life & stuff. So that was sweet.

Thursday we had zone training for most of the day which was pretty sweet and that night we helped this lady in the ward move some boxes in her house. She is a way awesome lady, her name is Sister Zoeller and she is a very decorated soldier. She served in the army in Vietnam and got a Purple Heart, medal of valor, silver star, and some other stuff so she's pretty amazing. So she was telling us the story of how she got her medal of valor which included her stitching up someone's artery with a piece of hair! And she was telling the story in great detail and I started to get woozy and i was like no I can handle this I dont want to be rude and leave. Then it got to a point where I was like ok I'm either going to pass out or throw up so I managed to get to the bathroom and next thing I know I wake up on the bathroom floor next to the toilet! Hahahaha it was way funny but when I woke up I didn't know where I was, who I was, or what I was doing. I was freaking out for like 30 seconds and thought I was in a dream or like some Alice in wonderland crap happened to me and I was like what the heck is going on yaimshayin haha and then I came back to my senses
after a few minutes. 

Later sister Zoeller was like I'm so sorry you should have warned me and I was like nah it's cool I didnt want to ruin your amazing story and she was saying how she would have felt really bad if I collapsed in her house and I just laughed but in my head I was like "that definitely didn't happen hehehe" cause she didn't know so yeah she never found out it happened but I told Elder Ramos later and he was like I knew it! Cause he said he heard a thud hahaha so there's a funny story. 

Oh on Wednesday we were biking and I saw a sick VW (it was a mk2 golf on coilovers for those of you who understand the dub life) and I was taking a pic of it and then the guy walks up and was like can I help you? And I was like I just love your car it's sick and then he was stoked and we talked about veedubs for like 10 minutes and then I started to talk about the church and at that point he "had to go" all of a sudden which was a bummer but yeah.  Elder Ramos later told me he thought me and the guy were speaking Chinese when we were talking about cars. So there's some stuff that
happened this week! Love you all have a good week!
In Pennsylvania you chop wood for service.  We chopped enough wood for Sharon's 

family before the wood chopped the axe...CHOPPED!

Here is the VW I spoke of.  Looking good.

Being sporty and stuff after the zone training.  I wasn't ready for da pic.  If you can find me you can tell.

Chopped creature in the road

Cut & sewed this tie. 
When you see rounded ties in a couple years it started here. 
My idea. 
It's probably been done before, but I did think of it.
here! My idea it's probably been done before but I did think of it

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