Monday, July 18, 2016

Street Rangers Area Expansion Booster Pack 2016

Hullo uverone so transfer calls were yesterday (real quick 4 week
transfer because the mission change) and the Street Rangers are
staying together yahmean! Me and elder Mink are the only Pittsburgh
mission companionship that didn't get separated so we are pretty
psyched! But one big change that is happening to us is they are
closing down the sisters' area and giving it to our area is
doubling in size and we now cover the whole ward which is pretty big.
It's a bummer but also exciting, we have a lot of work ahead of us!

We saw Mac and Jason twice this week and they continue to embrace
everything we teach them and they are both so excited about the
church! We taught them the plan of salvation on Tuesday and the gospel
of Jesus Christ on Saturday. They love everything we teach them and
understand it so well it's awesome! Before we left on Tuesday I
bookmarked 2 Nephi 31 for Mac and on Saturday he came to the door with
a huge smile on his face and the first thing he told us was that he
read the chapter and then he explained to us everything that the
chapter said! He understands scripture better than I do hahaha. Oh man
it was so sick. Then after talking about that, Mac and Jason both
shared with us experiences they had in the past week of how they were
angry or worried or distressed, and they decided to read the Book of
Mormon and the words of the prophets were exactly what they needed to
hear and comforted them. Their testimony of the gospel is
strengthening each day and we can see the joy it brings them! On
Sunday after church we are taking them with Brother Bailey to the
Philadelphia temple open house! They are having a special open house
for missionaries and investigators so we are super excited for that!
The temple is in the middle of the city from what I hear so it's gonna
be sweet to go to Philadelphia and see the temple, and even sweeter
that Mac and Jason are too!

On Saturday we went back for the 3rd time in the week to try to
contact our new investigators Alden and Skyler who me met last week.
Someone finally answered the door! But it wasn't either of them and
whoever it was yelled at us "we got your book and were not interested"
and slammed the door, so that was a bummer.

On Friday we were at an Amish market thing in Intercourse, PA (yes
that's tha name of the town) talking to all sorts of people and tried
street contacting this one guy and he ended up being a member and is
in a stake presidency in San Jose! He told us that he served his
mission around here like 40 years ago. He said he was on a family
reunion and took us over and introduced us to his kids and grandkids
who were all super psyched to see us! They talked to us for a bit, and
bought us delicious ice cream. It's always nice to meet people who
support you when you are out among so many people who don't.

We went on exchanges on Friday night to Saturday with the Spanish
branch elders and I went over to their area in Lancaster city with
Elder Tunquist. Certain parts of Lancaster city are filled with
Spanish speakers so we went walking around and talked to some people
and I said "hola" haha. We (well elder Tunquist) taught a lesson to
one of their new investigators and I just kind of sat their trying to
figure out what was going on because no ablo espanól! I understood a
few things and knew general ideas they were talking about but
unfortunately could not contribute to the lesson other than offering a
prayer in English. On Saturday we played soccer with some members in
the branch which was pretty fun! Most of them are from Cuba, Puerto
Rico, or the Dominican Republic and a couple are from Guatemala.

Thanks for all love and support from everyone! This gospel really does
bring people happiness! And so does sharing it!

- Elder Poulsen

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